The Fringes Are

This season, Prada It has opted for the turban and by the fringe. There is more to do your bag Star, What Zara has imitated. Also at Zara, you will find a yellow with three large ruffle mini dress, and the Spanish firm is aware of the latest trends. 1043

Pepe Bottle 2008 Bridal Collection

Designer Pepe Botella has already prepared the collection 2008 presenting in Gaudí. The alicantinian striving every day and their collections become real works of art. If you marry in 2008, from Jezebel We give you a preview and you propose new designs, which Bottle is inspired by the landscapes of the four seasons. Eye and points because you will not know what to choose. 1037

Madness to Acquire The Collection of Kate Moss for TopShop

As we commented Elena, Finally the collection has been the sale of Kate Moss for TopShop. And what a crazy! In front of its flagship store in Oxford Circus (London) formed a queue hours. Look at the video. The fans of Kate Moss TopShop or collection that has designed the model for the British firm had a good reward for waiting: Kate walked by the shop windows dressed in one of its models. 1033

The Bag of Britney Spears a Auction

It seems that Britney already has come out of her depression, psychosis or emotional shock, as they like to call it and is returning to your life. That if the reporter when it comes to dressing is not you removed never. And today is not a separate scandal news, to walk without panties for life or for having used a more fake wig than normal, but because a piece of the ex-princesa pop has come to auction on eBay. 1027

Crochet, The New Trend of The Summer

Moles, nude, yellow and the shorts, all are some of the trends that we see for the summer. We started filling the closets of fashion for good weather and rescue certain garments of previous years. Because, If they have started the rescue also can go to the trunk of the grandmother and find some other design echo in crochet, because it will be last. 1026

Tom Form Opens Its New York Store

Has not been in 2006 as we had hoped, but a little later, but Tom Ford already has his own shop, in which her latest collection, which this time is for your own brand is on sale in New York: TOM FORD. All in capital letters, of course. Anyway, the case is that we finally have a fashion entirely Tom Ford line. No updates for others such as Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent and Estée Lauder. After giving the first step with its line of glasses, and a second stride with her cosmetics line, it's the…

Plexiglass Bags

You said that the naked look is carried: the nude look in clothing and accessories. Look, if no, in all these bags. Kenzo (image above), Dolce & Gabbana o Chanel (below) are some of the designers who have opted for the plexiglass to create their handbags this season Spring/Summer 2007. 1024

Agatha Ruiz De La Prada: 25 Years of Design

If we talk about colors, fantasy, shapes and drawings, as far as fashion is concerned, is undoubtedly speak of Agatha Ruiz de la Prada. Started by clothing but every year surprises us with a new plug-in and already can not only clothes in the broadest sense of the word, but towels, bed linen, cushions, armchairs, lamps, books, pens, cups, mattresses or jewelry. In total 25 years, a quarter of a century, go, like me! A world of fantasy and originality that well deserves an exhibition and a tribute to the particular world that she has…

Flowerbomb Book by Viktor & Rolf

If you normally discussions between giving your mother a book or a perfume, I have the perfect solution. Book of Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb is both at the same time, a delightful fragrances that comes is a case in book form. Perfectly normal isn't it? 1017