Patricia Field Returns to The Cinema with The Costumes for The Film “No Two without Three”

The stylist Patricia Field, known for being responsible for the costumes for sex in New York, returns to the big screen with the wardrobe for No two without three, starring film by Cameron Diaz and premiered on Friday, June 13. If you haven't seen it yet, I recommend it. It is funny, entertaining and looks over a stylish wardrobe, which is what we like Jezebel addicts. 1051

The National Awards for Fashion, The CFDA Awards, Montesinos, The Clones of Luxury and More

It is comes with: National fashion awards were released with several winners: Cortefiel, Adolfo Domínguez, Mirto, Ecoalf and more fortunate. Adolfo Domínguez winner of the national award of fashion career Francis Montesinos arrested for alleged abuse and corruption of minors. Montesinos is confident in his innocence and says that they are "insidious accusations seeking to damage its reputation" CFDA Awards 2014: the winners of the Oscars of fashion The clones of luxury: 3 cases in the courts Camper named to Romain Kremer as its first Creative Director. Louis Vuitton It has asked six well-known creative…

The Fringes Are

This season, Prada It has opted for the turban and by the fringe. There is more to do your bag Star, What Zara has imitated. Also at Zara, you will find a yellow with three large ruffle mini dress, and the Spanish firm is aware of the latest trends. 1043

Pepe Bottle 2008 Bridal Collection

Designer Pepe Botella has already prepared the collection 2008 presenting in Gaudí. The alicantinian striving every day and their collections become real works of art. If you marry in 2008, from Jezebel We give you a preview and you propose new designs, which Bottle is inspired by the landscapes of the four seasons. Eye and points because you will not know what to choose. 1037