Strapless Cocktail Dresses

Charm synonymous with elegance and femininity, the cocktail dress is the inevitable star of the female wardrobe, a real passe-partout to wear on special occasions.

The gown fashion cocktail dates back to the 40s when movie stars were wearing this garment during the afternoon events, hence its peculiar name. Today fashion has re-launched and adapted to our times, so that this set has come to occupy a central place in the female wardrobe.

For every woman the right to wear apparel choice mainly depends on the event to which we must attend. Yes, because fashion to the wide choice, imposes strict rules to avoid feeling out of place on important occasions.

The cocktail dress is a kind of dress simply, to wear during the semi-formal events, it is a head less elaborate classic evening dress, suitable instead to formal occasions, such as before a theater or an evening wedding.

The cocktail dress can have different types of cut and length, and it is the latter, what characterizes him most. The length can vary from above the knee to just above the ankles, in this case we speak of “Tea-length” and, if the dress reaches the ankles is called “ballerina length” but, in this case, already there we head for the evening dresses.

When you wear a cocktail dress?

Generally it is perfect to attend all semi-formal events taking place until late afternoon. So, go ahead cocktail dress if the event to which you have to attend is a work aperitif or a wedding taking place in the morning. In addition, with the approach of the Christmas holidays this put is perfect to wear if you have to attend a Christmas party with friends where you want to feel sophisticated and absolutely glamorous or to a Christmas lunch a little ‘more elegant and formal of the classic family lunch. These dresses are the must-have for all women who want to feel perfect, neat, elegant but at the same time, not too formal.

The color plays a key role in choosing the perfect dress. Obviously black is the elegant color par excellence, just think of the sophisticated little black dress that, despite its simplicity, expresses a charm and timeless elegance.

Today fashion features colorful cocktail dresses, the brighter shades ranging from pink to cyclamen, until you get to the yellow, orange, red, green and blue water. There are plenty of solutions to choose from, however, must be carefully selected according to the season and, above all, their own style requirements. So, if the event to which you have to attend is a marriage, your cocktail dress will never be black, even white (not distracting from the bride!) And red (according to some folk tradition typically associated with lover role) are banned, so in this case you may opt for pastel colors, chic and delicate, or dare with floral patterns, reminiscent of the much loved 50s style of strapless dresses for cheap.

Important in the cocktail gown choice is also the fabric. Green light for in clothes chiffon, lace, silk and georgette, from linear cuts, elegant and clean lines, to feel in step with the trends and fascinating. Out of place is the brocade as too elaborate and dresses with inserts or details in jeans that are too informal and easy-going .

Another important detail to the cocktail dress is the neckline that should not be too exaggerated, so yes to the neckline dress with a boat or crew neck, maybe sleeveless or strapless to wear with an elegant cover shoulder, yes even the classic neck “V” but in moderation, woe to present with significant necklines during afternoon events, the risk of being out of place is still there, so the choice of dress should be made ​​wisely.

Rounding out the set are the accessories, because although it is occasions and semi-formal event everything must be perfect: makeup, hair, bags and shoes, nothing should be misplaced or left to chance, so utmost care to mix these fundamental elements the fashion world.

The from a simple cocktail dress, linear and pastel color can be embellished with bright accents such as a brooch shaped like a flower to be placed on a belt or shoulder or even on the neckline. If your dress is saddled impreziosiscilo wearing a jewel, maybe a sparkling bracelet with a floral detail or butterfly. As for the choice of the bag, the cocktail dress prefers the clutch or the clutch, so yes to small bags from simple cut but glamorous, elegant and absolutely romantic. The shoes have to match strictly with the heel, trouble to show up with sneakers, biker boots or cuissardes greatly exaggerated. The perfect shoe to wear also depends on the season, yes to jeweled sandals and  open-toe if the event is a wedding, and takes place in spring and summer, while in autumn and winter green light to the timeless and beloved décolleté.

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