3 Outfits Ideas to Combine Your Sneakers with Stockings

As you are changing the climate, might be wondering if there is a set of clothes that you can help to look amazing this fall. Well, the answer is very simple: socks and sneakers. This is the latest combination that will make you see you elegant in autumn.
Let’s get ready to cause all the rage this season with the following outfits:

1 choose a monochromatic outfit

The monochromatic outfit is undeniably the best way to see you lovely this fall. Black stockings and a black t-shirt with horizontal stripes to a minimum, perhaps would be beautiful with your new sneakers. You can also choose an outfit with the purity of white and black sneakers. If you don’t want to see you as if you’ll get out of the gym, you buy a blouse with bare shoulders or not to attach the first button.

2 take out the athletic girl

Do you like wearing dresses with a delicate touch, but you’re also which does not release the fashion sneakers? Well, you can still have the best of both worlds. It combines a delicate dress printed at the height of the knee with socks and tennis. A long blouse with socks and sneakers will make you see sports.

3 woven Sneakers or leggings

It is autumn, what could be more perfect than sneakers with smooth leggings. However, if you don’t have a pair of sneakers in your closet, you can then change the texture with leggings. Choose a combo camel with dark blue color: sweater Turtleneck in dark blue with a short skirt or camel camel and gray woven socks and sneakers make you look like a pioneer in trends this fall.

The sneakers are comfortable and perfect for casual occasions but if you combine them with socks you can achieve a smart and casual look with a delicate dress; If you don’t have elegant stockings it’s time that you get some!