4 Ideas Fashion with Jeans to Go out of the Ordinary

When we think of jeans, automatically of the same old combinations in comes the head, but a fabric as versatile as this does not impose limits to its use, with a little creativity and the right pieces, it is possible to create looks that are innovative and hold a devastating impact, here are some examples:

4 Ideas Fashion with Jeans to Go out of the Ordinary

Denim jacket with vest

A denim jacket traditional not only asks for the good old t-shirt, a vest in a herringbone pattern, as the photo can give that touch more when you are not the end of the basic. If you want to increase even more, the tip of the image above is completely valid, added shirt and tie, but all very casual.

Denim jacket with suit or just the blazer

This is the most daring, because few people think to replace the usual parts that make up a costume social for something in denim, such as the jacket of this example, but in the photo above we have a look paraded by DSquared2 of their autumn/winter collection 2012 that just arrived to the stores, You may think that it is the sort of thing you only see in the catwalk, however we still have the photo featured where only the blazer was imported from the costume social, with a result as good as, or be, go used, the combination of the jeans with the clothes the more unlikely it is increasingly common.

Denim vest with suit

If you think a denim jacket too heavy to be used with a blazer or a full suit, that such a vest in denim? More lightweight and handy, it keeps the look more classic, with just a hint of modernity. In the photo above, which has been commented upon here in the Channel the Male earlier, the use of blue with white ensured that the combo wouldn’t be too fancy, but keep an air of sporty and relaxed.

Jeans + jeans + jacket nylon

A lot of people think the presence of two parts in the jeans in the same visual very loaded, one way to break this pseudo-exaggeration is to add a piece in another fabric, and, preferably, another color. In the photo featured (at the top) is the black blazer, and here we see a sport jacket nylon snapping very well to clothing, in fact, put two jackets overlaid, by itself, could already blow many minds out there, but it’s all a matter of getting used to the idea.

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