Cala Santandria is located in western Menorca, just a few kilometers south of Ciutadella, which was previously the island’s capital. Nearby are also two other small resorts called Cala Blanca and Sa Caleta. What mainly attracts tourists to Cala Santandria is the incredible sandy beach. Here are five must-sees that you must not miss during a visit.

1. Cala Santandria beach

A very beautifully situated beach with light sand that extends about 600 meters into a small bay. In the middle there is an area with parasols and sun loungers. The range of showers and toilets is also good. In several places, palm trees also grow, which naturally provide a pleasant shade. They provide much-needed protection from the sun during the hottest days. What many people like about the beach is that the location makes the water calm, clear and shallow. Cala Santandria beach is considered very child friendly. For sunbathing and swimming, visitors will enjoy the beach. The only downside is that there can be quite a lot of people during the high season. Even the locals usually want to go down to the sea and enjoy the beach.

2. Try different water sports

Rent a pedal boat. It is a great way to safely get out a little further and experience the whole beautiful bay of Cala Santandria. They can be booked directly down on the beach. Snorkeling is also suitable in Cala Santandria. The water is crystal clear. The same goes for diving. Always keep safety in mind when practicing water sports. Especially for the inexperienced, it is good to have close access to help.

3. Go on a hiking trip

According to Ethnicityology, the nature is magnificent in Menorca, not least near Cala Santandria. Feel free to take a full day and experience the local area. It is best to use an experienced guide, but it is also possible to rent a car for those who want to be a little more independent. Then you can also go further out from Cala Santandria and choose a nice area to walk in. Bring food and drink, as the sun can be quite hard during the hottest summer days.

4. Experience the good food

In Cala Santandria there are several lovely restaurants with a good reputation. The locals are known for their hospitality and good service. One tip is to eat seafood that they are usually good at, but there are usually options for everyone, even those who prefer to eat vegetarian. As it is a small community, the number of restaurants is few, but the atmosphere is hard to beat in Cala Santandria. Especially during the evening, musical entertainment is often offered which can be an additional mood enhancer.

5. Shopping

In Cala Santandria there are a few souvenir shops where you can buy with some memories home. There is also a small beach shop. With a little luck, you can make bargains in these small shops and the staff is usually really nice. However, the shopping offer is not very good in Cala Santandria, but fortunately it is located near an area that has everything in the form of the island’s old capital. For better shopping, take a bus to Ciutadella, which is only a few kilometers away. The bus runs several times a day and costs no more than about SEK 20. In the old capital of Menorca there are branded goods and local goods for all tastes.

5 must for tourists in Cala Santandria

5 Must for Tourists in Cala Santandria
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