5 Parts Basic and Elegant That Every Man Should Have

Way of dress is something very personal, but a lot of people use this excuse to put anything you see from the front or kick the dress code for the high, even when the protocol or asks for something very formal. Below you will find a list of 5 parts that make a man fit to attend environments more refined while still being casual, nor need a suit:

5 Parts Basic and Elegant That Every Man Should Have

1 – Dark Denim

Everyone has at least one jeans in the wardrobe, but that pants is completely ripped does not serve for any occasion, there are times that you need something more discreet. The perfect choice is the dark jeans. If it is raw and basic, the better, you can use it in any occasion, if you have a little bit of washing, oh well, still will be one piece and sober enough to join you in the work (casual) or play.

Tip: the piece neutral allows combination with any other outfit, be it casual or formal. Easy to use with a basic t shirt and white tennis shoes of canvas or a shirt and casual shoes. If you’re the type to be undecided and put the foot through the hands at the time of combining clothes this item is perfect, will save you a lot of firing of the neuron.

How much will it spend?

Denim is the part more easy to find and with the best cost benefit, from of 100 real already it is possible to acquire a denim basic.


2 – Blazer navy wool cold

Currently it is essential to have at least one outfit “adult” in one of their hangers, especially if you make the style extra casual with a closet stuffed with t-shirts and shorts. Blazer marine is a joker, it works both day and night and gives an air more elegant up to the looks more casual.

Tip: you can also invest in a piece of twill or cotton, it is not so formal, but it is a nice visual upgrade.

How much will it spend?

A blazer reasonable. goes for about 300 real if you open the hand of the wool, the cold and the designer, which means you’ll find it in a great network type Renner or C&A, if you look for something wool-the cold will shell out in excess of 600 reais, unless you take advantage of any promotion or bazaar, which is not a bad idea.


3 – Camisa social branca

It is difficult to find a woman that does not suspire when you see a guy wearing a white shirt perfect, it’s amazing how much she values your user, conveying an image of elegance, cleanliness, and sophistication.

Tip: The cotton simple are fresh and light, oxford, fabric, fuller fit better and seem more luxurious, but both mark positive points, and are for those moments when what matters is to pass a good image.

How much will it spend?

If you search with patience you can find a shirt social white cotton for something between 150 and 200 real, but the majority exceeds this value, that is, you must have patience and persistence to save a buck!


4 – Tie a neutral (preferably black, navy or grey)

Many men don’t go with the tie: complain that the accessory tightening, get in the way and cause discomfort in the heat, but the truth is that it is an essential item to give that final finish to the look, even more in a professional environment. If you’re not a fan of the accessory has at least one black for occasions when it is essential.

Tip: do not book tie just to work, sometimes it’s a good show-if a guy stylish and add it to the looks casual, but that deserve a touch more. Avoid combinations with black shirts, not always gives the right, prefer a combo with contrast.

How much will it spend?

If it is a tie in the synthetic fabric gives to find copies of 30 or 40 reais in any fast-fashion out there, the silk rarely leave for less than 120 reais, but are more well made and has a flattering impressive.


5 – Casual shoes

The tennis shoes are your great friends, but cool that they are not able to compare to a good pair of shoes when we judge the question style, and does not need to be a super model formal, casual are already an upgrade, and both in its visual, additionally you can opt for a charming monk-strap, or an oxford in suede with the outsole color and even laces contrasting, since their clothing to behave in this type of footwear.

Tip: the shoes now are very comfortable, there are models with outsole padded that give a feeling of comfort, even if you have to take a long walk.

How much will it spend?

Between 200 and 300 reais already gives you to find good footwear in any shopping mall, and is well below the one your running shoes that cost $ 500 and only used for the academy. There are shoes out there for 150 reais, but before you buy, check the material and the finish, also, it is worth trying them to see if they are comfortable.

But I need to use this all together?

No buddy, actually the idea here is that you start to do a mix of these parts in your day-to-day, but the photo at the beginning of this post proof that they work, yes all together. As has already been said, these are items neutral, so the combination between them is easy and will lead to new


Want to level up?

Add to the list a suit (navy, black, or lead), a shoe social black and the other brown belts combining. Here you get out of basic, casual, and joins in the world of formal wear, but it is good to think about it, because its use is fundamental in weddings, graduations, and in some work environments.


To complement:

Jackets tailoring – they make the entire world more elegant and take your look from commonplace;

Bag male leather – exits out of the traditional backpacks nylon and adds an extra dose of style;

Classic watches – give a time for the radiator fan plastic with 20 buttons and bet on a box of steel and leather strap;

Bracelets – if you do not exaggerate they are a good signature for the combination;

Cardigãs and knitted sweaters – all lend color and texture to the look without taking away the elegance, but in need of a good trim;

Coloured socks – another way to give a personal touch to the outfit, but will only work in environments more decontraídos;

Coats and leather jackets – they can make the times of the blazer and protect from intense cold. Is there anything better?