60% of Spaniards Them like to Buy Clothes

Sara Carbonero shopping in Germany
Yes, I am part of that 60% of Spaniards who like go buy clothes. Well, it rectifies, I like to buy but no go. Or at least I like to go to very few sites, so the internet is my best investment (and weakness).

Just published a study where we show the purchase trends at the international level. Now that we are in sales better than ever.

  • 90% of the Hindu like to go buy clothes (58% love).
  • 79% of the Chinese like.
  • 69% of the citizens of Singapore, also.
  • The Spanish We occupy the fourth position, 60% we like shopping.
  • in Italy is also 60%.
  • in Great Britain the figure is 53%
  • in Germany, less than half like, 47%

Surprisingly, the importance given to brands in China and India, brands are more important to them than in other countries. They say that that importance gives it the ‘ perception of quality ’, the good reputation and the added value, According to the latest Harris Poll survey, between 92% and 89% of Chinese believe it thus.

I am struck the tip of the Americans: ‘ single ’ 65% believed that brands offer something more. I say that it catches my attention because they give the feeling just the opposite.

You, are branding? Or do you enjoy shopping without more?