7 Maintenance Tips on How Your Bikini in the form Remains

Get well, still the perfect bikini in the sale before it goes into the holiday plane South? I hope this also salvation comes back from vacation. Incorrect or no care during the holidays can be quick stretching it out. How to tell the best tips on how your swimwear remains long beautiful!

We all know the scenario: first, we need to find the Perfect fitting dream bikini – weeks, and later a holiday we can then again tell him goodbye. Because: Only in the rarest cases extends the life of our bikinis and swimsuits on more than a season. Usually, these are worn out after a couple of weeks and not properly seated.

The reason: almost as challenging as our beloved silk blouse is bikinis – only we maintain this quite simply cautious us better. And exactly what it is:

Here come the ultimate bikini tips:

1 Pack always a spare bikini
One may not suffer our swimwear – the combination of salt or chlorine water and Sun. A wet bikini in the blazing sun sizzles this attacking colors and fibers. The result: The color of the bikinis loses luminosity, the material elasticity. Therefore after swimming always wash off with clean water and the dripping bikini then Exchange it for A replacement bikini . Just so you can avoid also stains through the chlorine water.

  1. dry your bikini wisely
    Never wring your bikini. Rinse it with fresh water after wearing and gently wrapped him in a fresh towel and press on quite easily this, so that the Terry cloth fabric absorbs most of the water. Insert (do not hang!) She bounce him then on a drying rack or on a towel in the shadows and never in the Sun.
  2. tighten your bikini after applying the lotion
    Not only chlorine and salt water, but also Sun block ensure that decompose the spandex of swimwear and bikini to gradually wear out. Ideally should first apply a layer, just insert the UV protection leave – and only then wearing the bikini. So avoid also stains!
  3. be careful where you sit down
    Rough surfaces to swimwear is very sensitive. Avoid for example rough pool edges, the Scrubs on the textile fibers.5. avoid hot tubs
    The massage jets in combination with the warm water temperatures, sure that the material wear out faster. So tighten not your most expensive bikini in the Spa better for this rather take an older model that is not so to the heart.

    6. wash your bikini regular
    Treat your bikini on vacation every day a hand wash, mild hair shampoo or, better yet, use a mild detergent (is also available in travel size!). Then put on a drying rack. Let your swimwear in your beach bag, always crumpled in the towel you risk mildew stains and odors.

  4. just not too often in the washing machine
    Bikinis with embellishments such as sequins should be cleaned only by hand. All other parts should just not every day in the washing machine – in the holiday and is okay but to after every holiday. For this, use a silk or fine wash program with 30 degrees. To protect, you should use a laundry bag for bikinis and swimsuits. Stay away from fabric softener! The latter will make also sure that the fibers from stretching out faster. The same applies to heat. That’s why tumble dryer or drying on the radiator are absolutely taboo.