A Designer Who Will to Talk: Wunderkind

I just give the collection Wunderkind for the Spring/Summer 2007 and I been hallucinating. This signature is Wolfgang Joop that, until now, marched in New York. Fed up that their collections were considered non-commercial in the city of skyscrapers, Joop decided to move their proposals to the Parisian walkways where, theoretically, raw art above all.

I don’t know if this belief is true or not, but what is clear is that the collection of Wunderkind for the spring/summer of 2007 is one masterpiece. A proposal of romantic inspiration which takes us back to the times of the American colonists.

Pastel colors, many stripes y vichy pictures, lace, flyers y floral prints in tissues sheer and satin dresses, comprising jacket suits, and shorts that are beautiful and more desirable. An impeccable detail: the hats, decorate and perfectly complement every style.