Alanya is Turkey’s sunny enduring favorite. The Turkish coastal town of Alanya, spread around two sandy beaches, attracts large numbers of Finns year after year to enjoy the sun and relaxed beach days.


Located on the south coast of Turkey , Alanya is a popular tourist destination, especially for package tours. The affordable price level, delicious Turkish food and the sun warming up almost all year round are the reasons for Alanya’s endless popularity.

Versatile beach resort

Alanya, Turkey is a popular beach resort with a significant increase in population during the summer tourist season. Tourism is the main industry in the region. Tourists to Alanya are especially attracted to the sandy beaches, historical sights and lively nightlife.

Situated on the Mediterranean coast, Alanya is one of the most popular beach resorts in Turkey. Along with its beaches, Alanya is also known for its sports facilities and attractions, in addition to which the mountains surrounding the city bring their own tone to the resort of Alanya.

The city’s most famous attractions include the Kale Fortress, the Damlatas Stalactite Caves and the Red Tower in the harbor.

The sea view from Alanya Fortress is a favorite of many.

Mediterranean climate

Alanya’s climate is typical of the Mediterranean coast. Winters are temperate and rainy, summers hot and dry. Alanya rains the most in December and January, with the driest and hottest in August.

In August, the average temperature is about +27 degrees. The coldest month is January with average temperatures of +12 degrees, so you can’t really talk about the cold in Alanya, even in winter. The average annual temperature is about +19 degrees Celsius. Although people travel to Alanya all year round, most travel agencies only organize trips to Alanya during the summer season.

Beach life and water activities

Alanya is especially suitable for beach and active holidaymakers . Alanya’s beach is crossed by Kale Hill, which rises to a height of two hundred meters. The two-kilometer-long Kleopatra Beach on the west side of the hill is quite lively and the eastern Keykubat Beach is better suited for those traveling with children due to its gentleness.

Those looking for a speedy holiday can enjoy water skiing, paragliding and a banana boat ride on Palm Beach, on the Cleopatra Beach side. Jet skis and pedal boats can be rented on the beaches, as well as diving and snorkelling trips. A great alternative for water and beach games is the mountains next to Alanya, where you can go on safaris or hiking trips, for example.

Alanya is also a good place to shop . In the bazaar area, which stretches between the harbor and the main street, you can do cheap shopping, as long as you always remember to bargain. Plastering with an apple is part of the trade.

Markets are held in different parts of the city, where food is usually sold in particular. Fresh, sweet fruit from a local crop is delicious and you should buy inexpensive spices to take home.

Leather in particular is cheap in Turkey. Leather products can even be ordered at an affordable price at one of the many leather shops in the city center. The Alanyum and Mega Mall, just outside the city, are great places to shop for clothes.

The sea view from Alanya Fortress

Pay attention to Turkish culture

The Turks are very friendly and Alanya has a really positive attitude towards tourists. The discussion about prices is part of the traditional trading culture, and the familiar rush of Finns shines through in their absence in Alanya. The atmosphere at the resort is very relaxed, which can sometimes cause problems, as schedules, for example, do not always last.

Tourists should also take into account other special features of Turkish culture. Although Alanya is a popular tourist destination, the country’s main religion, Islam, should be taken into account in clothing, for example. The majority of tourists wear short shorts and tops during the summer heat, which is permissible but may affect local attitudes.

Turkish is spoken in Turkey, but in Alanya you can also do well in English, and in some places the service is also available in Finnish.



The local culture is well visible in Alanya, but the tourist easily avoids collisions.

The best beaches in Alanya

  1. Cleopatra beach
  2. Palm Beach
  3. Keykubat
  4. Incekum
  5. Damlatas

The best Excursions in Alanya

  1. Pamukkale
  2. Kale Hill
  3. Damlatas Aqua Center water park
  4. Dimcay River
  5. Mediterranean cruise

The best shopping places in Alanya

  1. Bazaars of Alanya
  2. Fair
  3. Alanyum Shopping Center
  4. ATM outlet
  5. Market hall
Alanya Travel Guide
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