Are You a Tall Man? Tips to Take Advantage of Your Height

Style Keys to Make the Most of Your Height!

Many think that with a few inches more they would eat the world. But if you are a tall man, taller than 1’80m, you know perfectly well that it is not too beneficial to dress well.

Are You a Tall Man Tips to Take Advantage of Your Height

Are you a tall man? Do you have problems tofind clothes and look good?

Many times, you do not find the right size for clothing. But tranquil, today in demodaybelleza we give you the keys so that by playing with the proportions you take advantage of your height to dress phenomenally.

#1 Shoulders, the Key to Look Tall

This is the key part to take advantage of your height. If you are a tall man, read on.

All shirts, jerseys, jerseys, etc. whatever you wear should fall right at the junction between the clavicle and the shoulder bone. No more no less.

What do we get out of this? By framing your upper part, you will get a visually stylized body, otherwise, it will make you appear wider than you are besides giving the impression that you have not been successful with the size. If you do not frame it well shoulders , your figure is lost in clothes, showing you a little care and desangelado aspect.

You should keep in mind that the seam falls right in the center. If it falls short, it will make you look fatter, being too narrow.

#2 Are You a Tall Man with Long Torso and Short Legs?

Usually tall people tend to have the body larger than the legs. So, to provide the two parts, I recommend that you follow these tips:

1. Raise the Waistline

Achieve lengthening your legs visually by raising the waistline of the pants. It will feel like your legs are much longer.

2. Use the Type of Slim Fit Pants

If you are a tall man with long torso and short legs , you must visually provide your body. Cutslim fit  or  skinny it is the pant you get to be a visual ratio between your body and legs.Although we raise the waistline of the pants tolengthen the legs, this type of pants does not fall directly from the waist straight . That is why it visually widens the area by creating a ratio between your body and legs. If you have a wide hip I do not recommend the type of slim fit pants. You can check the type of pants that best fit you, in our special guide here.

3. Wear Short Jackets

To provide the two parts, I recommend that you play with jackets or coats. A jacket, American or blazer above the hip, visually shorten your torso, lengthening your legs.

Try it and tell me!

4. Put the Shirt inside the Pants

If you are a tall man with long torso and short legs, you must visually provide your body. To do this, try to put the shirts, shirts, and all the parts up inside the pants to lengthen your legs. If you leave them on the outside, you will be further lengthening your torso and shortening your legs. You should avoid it by stuffing yourshirt into your pants, or part of it, into your pants.

3# Are You a Tall Man with Short Torso and Long Legs?

1. Lower the Waistline to the Hip

No more no less. If you lower your pants lower than the waist, it will make your legs smaller.

2. Slim Fit and  Regular Fit

If you are a tall man with short torso and long legs, watch out for this type of cut. It will be the kind of pants perfect for you, give your legs more surface and look shorter visually.

3.  Jackets and Jackets up to the Hip

4. Shirts outside the Pants

If you are a tall man with short torso and long legs, try to leave the shirts off the pants. This will give you a fresh look, creating a casual look. Remember that for more formal occasions you must put your shirt inside. For formal occasions, I recommend our guide to winter suits orelegant outfits and guide on twinsdemodaybelleza.