Albania Attractions

Shkodra and the Rozafa castle ruins

City of Korca worth seeing Korça, first mentioned in writing in 1510, is considered the “cradle of Albanian culture. Worth seeing is the Mirahor Mosque (1466), the country’s oldest single-dome mosque; Furthermore, the National Museum for medieval Albanian art, the

Austria Country Overview

Austria Country Overview

Austria, officially the Republic of Austria. Country located in the southern portion of Central Europe. It belongs to the European Union since 1995, politically constituted as a federal parliamentary republic. Its territory, with its capital Vienna, is located in southern Germany and the Czech Republic, western Slovakia and Hungary, northern Slovenia and Italy, and eastern Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Its

Abkhazia, Georgia History Part I

Abkhazia, Georgia History 1

Abkhazia. Territory located in the southwestern slope of the Caucasus mountain range, with coasts in the Black Sea, and whose capital is the city of Sukhumi. It is a de facto independent republic since 1992 ; however Georgia considers it an autonomous republic belonging to that country, as does a