Begins The Era of Paul Island: Day 1 at Zara

As it became known in January, Amancio Ortega would say goodbye to the Presidency of Zara, of the Inditex Group , in July. That day has come. Pablo Isla today takes over.

It will be a formal appointment as Executive Chairman by the meeting of shareholders, six years after the incorporation of the island, a degree in law and State Attorney of 47 years, the textile company. Amancio says goodbye to a project he started makes 48 years and is a benchmark at international level.

The number of the Inditex Group, In addition, continue to rise. Its net income grew 10% and its sales grew 11%. From 2005 to 2010, the turnover consolidated almost doubled (from 6,741 million euros have become the last exercise 12.527), equal to its number of stores (of 2.692 to 5.044), while net profit has jumped from 803 million euros in 2005 to 1.732 billion.

Mr. island, luck. Enjoy your bonus of 221,000 shares (valued at more than 13.7 million euros) and make us happy with its new trends.