Cameron Parish is a coastal parish located in south-western Louisiana. It is bordered by Calcasieu Parish to the north, Vermilion Parish to the east, and Gulf of Mexico to the south. The parish covers an area of 1,971 square miles and has a population of approximately 6,731 people according to the 2020 census.

According to, Cameron Parish was named after Simon Cameron, President Abraham Lincoln’s Secretary of War. It was established in 1870 and has a rich history tied to Cajun culture and the oil industry. The parish seat is located in Cameron and other notable towns include Grand Chenier, Hackberry, Holly Beach, Johnson Bayou, and Creole.

The coastal location makes Cameron Parish a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts looking for fishing or hunting opportunities. There are plenty of trails for hiking or biking as well as several parks offering camping sites and birdwatching opportunities. For those looking for something more laid back there are plenty of beaches located along the coast including popular spots like Holly Beach or Johnson Bayou Beach Park.

In addition to its natural attractions Cameron Parish also offers several cultural sites such as museums and historic buildings like the Old Courthouse Museum which houses artifacts from throughout the parish’s history or The Rice Palace which showcases artwork from local artists.

Cameron Parish is also home to several famous people including former NFL player LaRon Landry who was born in Grand Chenier; actor Nick Stahl who grew up in Johnson Bayou; singer/songwriter Marc Broussard who hails from Carencro; actress Ashley Jones who was born in Lake Charles; and former professional wrestler Scott Steiner who grew up in Sulphur Springs.

Cameron Parish offers visitors an abundance of natural beauty combined with plenty of cultural attractions making it an ideal destination for anyone looking for an unforgettable experience. Whether you’re interested in outdoor activities or just want to relax on one of its many beaches – there’s something here for everyone.

Climate and weather in Cameron Parish, Louisiana

According to, Cameron Parish, situated in the south-west corner of Louisiana, is renowned for its warm and humid climate. With an average temperature of around 64°F (18°C), the area enjoys a mild climate throughout the year, with temperatures rarely dipping below freezing or rising too high. The region is also known for its high levels of humidity which can reach up to 80% in the summer months.

The local weather patterns are influenced by both the Gulf of Mexico and the Atchafalaya Basin. During winter months, cold fronts from Canada often bring cooler air masses into the region, while warm air currents from the Gulf of Mexico can cause temperatures to rise during spring and summer. In addition, along with its mild temperatures, Cameron Parish also experiences a moderate amount of precipitation throughout the year with an average annual rainfall of around 56 inches (1.4 meters).

In terms of severe weather conditions, Cameron Parish is occasionally affected by tropical storms and hurricanes which occur mainly during late summer and early autumn months. These storms can cause heavy rains to fall across the area as well as strong winds which can lead to flooding and power outages in some areas.

In addition to this, Cameron Parish also experiences occasional tornadoes which usually occur during spring months when warm air currents from the Gulf mix with cooler air coming from Canada. These tornadoes usually take place between March and May but can occur at any time between April and July as well as August to October on rare occasions.

Cameron Parish enjoys a pleasant climate throughout most of the year but visitors should be aware that severe weather conditions such as hurricanes or tornadoes can occasionally affect this region so it’s important to stay up-to-date on local forecasts before planning any trips here.

Transportation in Cameron Parish, Louisiana

Cameron Parish, Louisiana offers a variety of transportation options for its residents and visitors. The area is served by the Southwest Louisiana Regional Airport which provides daily flights to other cities in the United States. The airport also provides car rental services, making it easy for visitors to explore the area on their own.

For those looking to travel within Cameron Parish, there are several public transit options available. Bus and shuttle services are provided by local companies such as Lake Charles Transit, Sabine Transit, and Golden Triangle Transit. These services offer convenient routes from nearby cities to Cameron Parish, as well as stops throughout the parish itself.

In addition to public transportation, Cameron Parish also has several taxi companies that operate throughout the area. Taxis can be hailed from street corners or ordered online or via phone apps for greater convenience. It is important to note that fares may vary depending on the time of day and distance traveled so it is always best to ask for a fare quote before getting into a taxi.

For those with their own vehicles, Cameron Parish has an extensive network of roads connecting its various towns and villages together. Interstate 10 runs along the western edge of the parish while Highway 27 travels north-south through its center; both provide easy access to nearby towns and cities in other parishes as well as Texas and Mississippi.

Cameron Parish offers a variety of transportation options for both residents and visitors alike allowing them to easily get around this beautiful region no matter how they choose to travel.

Cities and towns in Cameron Parish, Louisiana

Cameron Parish, Louisiana is home to a number of cities and towns, each offering its own unique attractions and amenities.

According to Countryaah, the parish seat is the city of Cameron, located in the center of the parish. This small city has a population of just over 1,000 people and is home to several local businesses including restaurants, shops, and a post office. The city also features several historic sites such as the Old Cameron Courthouse which was built in 1868.

To the north of Cameron is Hackberry, a small town with a population of just over 500 people. This town is known for its beautiful bayou scenery and offers visitors plenty of opportunities for fishing, boating, and other outdoor activities. Hackberry also has several restaurants offering traditional Cajun cuisine as well as some unique local dishes.

The village of Grand Chenier is located on the coast near the Gulf of Mexico in southwestern Cameron Parish. This small community has a population of just over 200 people and is known for its picturesque views across the bayou. Visitors can enjoy fishing from its many docks or take boat tours out into the Gulf for even more scenic views.

Other notable towns in Cameron Parish include Creole, Grand Lake, Grand beach, Johnson Bayou, Holly Beach, Big Lake and Johnson Bayou Beach which all offer their own unique attractions for visitors to explore. Whether you’re looking for outdoor activities such as fishing or boating or simply want to relax on one of Cameron Parish’s beautiful beaches there’s something here for everyone to enjoy.

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