Can You Not Live without It? The Housewives? Autoctonous to Trend More Cool and Forget… Car

Today is not one day, today is a special day. We celebrate World no car day and that’s something well worth celebration. The aim of the Conference is to raise awareness about the excessive use of the car and its harmful effect on the environment. Is it essential in our life car? Current trends say that not society is changing the chip at a speed of 120 km per hour. At least in the big cities. See it!

The statistics do not lie. According to a study by the AAA Foundation, car purchases among young people have decreased by 30%. It’s official, for the millennials, the car is not a priority. But, of course, is that having it is very expensive. It is not only the purchase itself, which no less than 10,000 (unless you opt for one second hand). We must also count on insurance, taxes, gasoline, parking… In total, the cost of maintaining a car is about 3,500 euros per year, and that not including fines. Not only the financial aspect, a car can also leave expensive health: stress and the moodiness driving pass bill.

What are the alternatives? Millennials have it clear, why have own car if you can rent it, share it or take a walk? Increasingly there are more apps that make it easier to not have particular vehicle and one could move, especially in the capital.

Apps that will make you leave the car

Young people no longer want to own things, prefer to rent them and share them. Flats, cars, beach apartments, everything is rentable today! Not to mention the bike. There is no city in Europe that doesn’t have bike lanes! Do you already have all the mobile applications you need to give up have own car?

  • Citymapper: route map that allows you to learn about the different ways to get to your destination, select the means of transport that you want to. It also compares different hours and gives information about each real time transportation service. It also includes a calorie counter if you decide to walk or travel by bike.
  • BiciMAD: rental system of electric bicycles in Madrid that allows you to know parking areas, bikes that are available, the balance of your account, the miles, calories and up to the footprint of CO2 that you’ve contributed to avoid.
  • MapMyRide: This app will allow you all measurable bike. Distance, time, calories, speed, everything! In addition, it uses the GPS mobile to offer options of routes.
  • Amovens: It helps to find people who make the same journey as you daily and to create transportation links.
  • Car 2 Go: It allows to rent size Smart in Madrid electric cars. Its operation is simple: start the car with mobile code and go to wherever you want. Then Park it and the timer will stop, leaving it available for the next user.
  • Blablacar: This application allows you to share car and journey with others, saving on gasoline and several vehicles. It also has a section for comments and votes that lets you know if your driver is untrusted.
  • Bitwalking: This app generates money while you walk. To be exact, it gives you a dollar per 8 kilometers, which you can store and spend on their affiliated stores or share with other users.
  • Kolobee: This app will tell you to legends and stories of the area that you walk. It does this through sound stories told by actors and even locals.

Take care of yourself while protect the world that surrounds you

It is clear that the automotive landscape is changing, at least in terms of your purchase. With so many options on the market, who would get into a car, pay for gasoline and plundering jam? Not to mention the benefits for the environment. According to the who, 30% of the gases emitted by the cars are greenhouse. This could be avoided if all andaramos more and less conducieramos.

However, it is not just a matter of environment, if electric cars would not have much better reception. Go take a walk from one place to another is healthy and it is not in a society that increasingly spend more time on the couch. It allows you to stretch your legs, improve circulation, disconnect and have time to think, listen to music or enjoy the air outdoors. In addition, ride is perfect for exercise without sweating or wear leggings. If you prefer not to walk, You can always go by bike or public transport, up and down stairs feels great.

And among all these alternatives, one is that picked up the Crown of the cars and has become the Queen: bicycle, could it be another. The cycling trend has become viral for multiple reasons. Because you get in shape with legs of infarction, because you avoid traffic jams and you can park it wherever you want, because it doesn’t pollute, and because it’s free. Can you request more? It seems that Yes, because it has also conquered the fashion circles.

There are no Fashion Week selection of street style that does not include women cycling (even with the bravest heels). To Stranger Things, the most fashionable of the time series, includes it in each chapter. It is the accessory in the moment! Thousands of colors, designs and accessories, from baskets with flowers up to leather saddles. Not to mention clothing sport bike! There is no excuse, this autumn by bike.