Mexico city

Mexico City is the capital of the country and one of the most densely populated cities in the world. It has absorbed many cultural traditions and combines ancient monuments, parks, busy streets and slums. All this creates a special flavor.

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The main monument is the ancient Indian city of Teotihuacan with ancient buildings – the pyramid of Quetzalcoatl, the pyramids of the Sun and the Moon, the Butterfly Palace, etc. All of this is right in Mexico City.

There are other, more modern architectural monuments – the Malinalco fortress of the 15th century, the Basilica of the Blessed Virgin of Guadalupe, the Chapultepec castle with gardens. The historical center of the city is Zocalo Square with the Cathedral and the residence of the President. The Square of Three Cultures is also beautiful with buildings from the Aztec period, residential buildings and a Catholic cathedral.

There are also many museums in the capital – for example, the Museum of Tequila, Frida Kahlo, Templo Mayor or the Museum of Anthropology. In general, if you want a cultural holiday, you will like it in city theaters, galleries, concert halls and exhibition centers.

There are also a lot of entertainment and recreation options. You can walk through the city parks with attractions, restaurants and sports grounds. With children, you can go to the zoo, the best in South America. Nightlife is also diverse – a huge number of clubs, discos and bars with salsa and samba.

But it is especially fun in Mexico City during national holidays and festivals – the March carnival, jazz festival, Day of the Dead or Independence Day.


Of course, there are a lot of different shops, malls and fashion boutiques in the capital. It is best to shop in the shopping areas – Centro Historico, Pino Suarez, Altavista, Condeza or Polanco. Of the shopping centers, the most popular are Liverpool, Palazzo de Hierro and Sanborn. And in European supermarkets of popular chains, for example, Walmart, you can buy food and other necessary goods.

Markets – centers of national culture – deserve special attention. The oldest and largest are Pericoapa, Central de Abasto and La Merced Market. Everything is sold here, from food to clothes, antiques and, of course, souvenirs.


This is the most popular resort, both among Americans and our tourists. It is located on the Yucatan Peninsula and is famous for its snow-white beaches near the Caribbean Sea, luxury hotels and outdoor activities.


The entire coast of the resort is a huge beach with hotels along it. The sand here is not made of stones, but of corals, so it does not heat up even in extreme heat. Of particular note are the areas of Playa Caracol and Punta Cancun in the north of the resort, excellent for families with children. Tortugas, Las Perlas and Langosta are good places to play beach games and dive. There are big waves on the east coast, so it’s good to surf there. And at the northern end of the hotel zone is the best coast, quite calm.

Just south of Cancun, there are also good beaches – Akumal and Punta Bete – very picturesque, with wonderful diving and snorkelling.


The main historical attraction of the city is the ruins of Del Rey, the first settlement in this region. If you like Mayan and Aztec culture, then be sure to check out the Anthropological Museum, or visit the Isle of Women, with ancient statues of women created by the Mayans.

There are not many other architectural and historical monuments here, but you can go from here to the city of Chichen Itza with a huge number of Mayan buildings. For example, the pyramid of Kukulkan or the Observatory. The city of Tulum with an ancient castle, and the island of Cozumel with ceremonial altars and religious buildings are also interesting.

Of the modern sights, the Museum of Underwater Sculptures is of interest. Four hundred concrete statues are located at a depth of 10 meters under water and are easily accessible to tourists dressed in diving equipment. It is especially interesting that the sculptures are constantly changing under the influence of water and corals, which gives the museum a special charm.

There are also many unusual entertainments in Cancun – swimming with sharks or walking on an underwater motorcycle. And in the city aquarium every year they arrange a show with dolphins. Many sports clubs, tennis courts, playgrounds.

Nightlife lovers will not get bored either – there are many clubs with live music, folklore performances and even bullfights are constantly arranged.


There are a lot of shops in Cancun. Most of all, locals and tourists love the Plaza La Isla shopping center, where they sell clothes, perfumes, jewelry and souvenirs. Another famous Kukulcan complex sells clothes and accessories of world brands. You can visit Plaza Caracol, Luxury Avenue, La Isla Shopping Village and Kukulcan Plaza. What makes shopping especially attractive is that Cancun is a tax-free shopping area, so the prices here are quite low.


Cancun and Mexico City
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