Carolina Herrera in The Week of The Fashion of New York Spring-Summer 2008/09

If there is anything that characterizes the new collection of the Venezuelan Designer are frills. If you thought that the reign of the flight in sleeves, necks, shoulders, breasts, arenas and others He had come to an end, you were wrong. As if the fashion Lady believes that they have to be a whole collection of feminine detail, then ruffles is we have.

That Yes, as always Carolina Herrera It is characterized by presenting us with one woman more than women, who do not worry to show off your figure and that thanks to the mild fall Designer usually printed on them, they favor no doubt. In addition to flyers, you could see other also very nice details as some applications of stones of colors and embroideries with large flowers which Manila, but without exaggeration and gladly shawl.

The collection was basically long dresses, skirts or cocktail. The few pants who were on the catwalk did not have a hallmark, as both could be about fishing tight as some costume tailor fall straight and wide leg. Jackets were preferably above the waist but without reaching any Bullfighter.

In the tissues all was addressed to the fall soft and insinuating of the chiffon, organza and to the body and structure that gives taffeta. It is as if the slides just hide a beautiful perfect silk and lace lingerie to make us feel even more feminine if possible. The colors always very Carolina, starting with the basic black and white. Unlike other designers who are always Red, Carolina Herrera chose a vermilion, i.e. a shade between red and orange combine with Golden accessories.

Something bold and perfect for the night, while blue made few appearances. On the other hand, the combination that is still the star of this summer and will be the next played a central role in the closing of the parade: yellow, black and white. Already out in skirt and shirt sets, short dresses or long, was present with great force. But now not in geometric lines, rather preferring prints to the Pollock and flowers.

A collection that I think that we see in some red carpets.