History of Sudan

History Timeline of Sudan

Prehistory Sudan’s prehistory is one of the most complex in Africa. From the northern Nile area, a long sequence of discoveries has been established through international rescue operations in connection with the construction of the Assuand Dam. Undated acheulé implements

History of Kenya

History Timeline of Kenya

Prehistory Kenya’s archeology is one of the continent’s richest and best explored. Findings from very early settlements have been found in connection with geological fracture systems (compare Great Rift Valley). The pioneering work begun by Louis and Mary Leakey in

History of Ghana

History Timeline of Ghana

Prehistory The oldest finds originate from the Middle Palaeolithic, where among other things. the important find site Asokrochona hears. Findings of microlith collections from Late Stone Age have been made in several places. Around 1500 BC settlements with microliter finds,