Palestine 2000

Palestine 2000

According to Printerhall, the very long and troubled Israeli-Palestinian peace process knew, at the end of the 20th century, a new but illusory relaunch with the agreement of Šarm al-Šayẖ (September 1999), which should have led the parties to sign

Abkhazia, Georgia History Part I

Abkhazia, Georgia History 1

Abkhazia. Territory located in the southwestern slope of the Caucasus mountain range, with coasts in the Black Sea, and whose capital is the city of Sukhumi. It is a de facto independent republic since 1992 ; however Georgia considers it an autonomous republic belonging to that country, as does a

Laos Overview

Laos Overview

According to 3rjewelry, Laos is a country located in Asia. French protectorate, independent since 1954, Laos has been a People’s Democratic Republic since 1 December 1975, when the National Congress of People’s Delegates, elected by local administrative bodies, abolished the

History of Yemen

History Timeline of Yemen

Prehistory Hard-to-find traces of paleolithic hunters have been found, as have rock paintings. From the end of the third millennium BC derives the oldest known remains of permanent villages and more advanced agriculture. Already at this time it was probably

History of Turkey

History Timeline of Turkey

Prehistory Finds from the older Stone Age are still sparsely coated in Turkey; To see more information other than history, please visit Abbreviationfinder. However, paleolithic settlements are known from caves near Antalya. Neolithic, which previously researched only near Mesopotamia, i.e.

History of Syria

History Timeline of Syria

Prehistory From the Middle Acheulene culture, there are about 900,000 year old traces of early Paleolithic hunters and collectors on the Nahr al-Asi River (Orontes) and in the al-Kawm oasis. The transition to inhabited, agricultural farming communities, dating from about