History of Yemen

History Timeline of Yemen

Prehistory Hard-to-find traces of paleolithic hunters have been found, as have rock paintings. From the end of the third millennium BC derives the oldest known remains of permanent villages and more advanced agriculture. Already at this time it was probably

History of Turkey

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Prehistory Finds from the older Stone Age are still sparsely coated in Turkey; To see more information other than history, please visit Abbreviationfinder. However, paleolithic settlements are known from caves near Antalya. Neolithic, which previously researched only near Mesopotamia, i.e.

History of Syria

History Timeline of Syria

Prehistory From the Middle Acheulene culture, there are about 900,000 year old traces of early Paleolithic hunters and collectors on the Nahr al-Asi River (Orontes) and in the al-Kawm oasis. The transition to inhabited, agricultural farming communities, dating from about

History of Myanmar

History Immigrants become rice growers In both prehistoric and historical times, Burma has been characterized by successive migrations north from the rivers towards fertile rice fields and towards the sea. Paleolithic finds exist, and Neolithic times are well represented; traces

History of Laos

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Prehistory Judging from the few documented archaeological finds from Laos, its oldest cultures followed the general development of Southeast Asia. In the north, skeletal finds and stone implements suggest that the residents of the Paleolithic (older Stone Age) were an

History of Iran

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Priest Control In 1981, the Islamic Revolutionary Party joined 90% of the population to completely dominate the state apparatus. In an attack on the party’s headquarters on August 30, 81, 72 of its leaders, including President Rajai and Prime Minister

History of Indonesia

History Timeline of Indonesia

Prehistory Indonesia’s many islands include a variety of ecological environments, which have characterized both prehistoric and historical times. The large variations in sea level during the Pleistocene period have sometimes facilitated immigration to the islands and sometimes made it more

History of India

Prehistory The Indian peninsula has probably been continuously populated for a very long time; the presence of Homo erectus probably extends some 700,000-230,000 years back. However, a combination of relative poverty, dating difficulties and ongoing revisions of existing material has

History of Georgia

To see more information other than history, please visit Abbreviationfinder to learn more about climate, population, government, and economy for the country of Georgia. In early 1993, the Russian Air Force launched bombings of Sujumi, and by mid-March, fighting had