Chanel – Parade 2009 Art Crafts

Karl Lagerfeld unveiled at the Theatre du Ranelagh his collection Occupation Art 2009 entitled Paris-Moscow. Small UFO in the calendar of shows, the presentation in tribute to the skills of artisans of exceptions was worthy of the splendor of the Russian Tsars…

Out of time and reality, cloakroom Paris-Moscow has been conspicuous by its refinement of another age. However, as were the countless hours spent by feather workers, embroiderers, PARURIERS, shoemakers, goldsmiths and other milliners on these expensive clothes, Lagerfeld managed to give them a ready-to-wear look obvious.

With their current and chanellissimes cuts, these outfits richly carved fit without difficulty into the 21st century, putting more than ever underlined the inestimable value of Crafts (who would nevertheless tend to disappear). This is also for the sake of safeguarding the heritage defended by these master craftsmen that Karl Lagerfeld has decided to launch in 2002 the saga “Métiers d’Art”.

Therefore, each year presented a collection entirely designed to highlight these artists in the shadows, which give the Haute Couture all its majestyand allow designers to materialize their wildest whims.

Opus 2009 evokes the journey of an elegant between Paris and Moscow. The beautiful then mixes with his Parisian street of the trappings warmy and divinely refined pieces that offer him the Slavonic countries crossings. Sleeves, Tsaritsa ornaments, hats and bulky gold embroidery then seized her figure, composing on Transsiberian looks trendy rooms where moult alongside references to the history of costume.

In this mutant universe where neither boundaries nor the cost of things have meaning, Karl Lagerfeld excels in managing to offer an ultramodern setting the exceptional know-how of master craftsmen. It allows the public to appreciate the work of Lesage, a Lemarié or Desrues other than in the glass of an exhibition at Galliera Museum…