Chanel Press Days In Hamburg – Karl, You – Everything So Colourful Here

“For you I would travel to Karl to the Moon”. Mine was me even planted a parole after thirteen hours of Berlin-Hamburg-Berlin motorway tour in times of absolute, at all not Chan digit, train strikes. The slogans that 2015 scream the models on the Paris show of spring / summer collection Karl Lagerfeld had had an entirely different character – do you remember?

Armed for girls demonstrated

In the Chanel feminism issue and ladies with megaphones and signs, rather overstated and yet perfectly staged by the “Boulevard Chanel”. Equality and freedom was the big theme “Make emergency was fashion,” says ‘Be Different’ at the front, and “Ladies First”. A production surge that many, but also for very nice Eddy and provides neat discussion. That’s going in the right direction? Monsieur Lagerfeld got really us women or are we talking about here only by a skilled advertising gambit? Question mark. 

At a glance:

Attention and raise awareness on the subject is good – also , when we revised our initial euphoria na well down shortly after the show with a few najas and oh what a shame on the ruling. If can Karl not too more sustainable impress us? Is he past geschrabbt with meaningless slogans may be a bit on the target? And: he really takes the subject seriously, does he really speak of equality and rights for women or fit one on the surface scratching staging and the context to the show simply better? Many questions – no responses. A has remained however: this collection once again hits the nail on the head – and enqueues itself seamlessly in the past treasures of the traditional House.

For the press days in Hamburg, I was allowed in any case, the very first time follow the cry of Karl Hahn and inspect the collection up close. I brought equal to times the exciting parts you – and have for once for a mini little speechlessness taken care of:

Gold treads, I may have not enough – here are but a hopeless or?

Once everything on-the-go Karli, thank you! Flower patterns, embroidery, colored Bouclé fabric. And you see the jacket? That was the absolute favorite part of Jackson in the showroom – mine too!

“I’m not in the sale” – statement box-bag and colorful besprenkeltes costume – you like ’ s?

Coco even told you “jewelry should make one wealthy, but decorate” et voilà.

In addition to statement box-bag classic “pose sans Oser” – I’m staying with links.

Here ladies and gentlemen an outfit from the series:
If I could I would run around every day so

The sport stand as I call him affectionately, was also very popular

Here where I remembered Jane Nike, why? Why because only?

Tutoring a la Chanel

I got root vegetable soup from the most beautiful city waiter brought, heart flutter. So much time must be.

Time really nice off a trill with Chanel?

Shoes, since at night dreaming of which follow:

Schon have hers up here IM stilwerk.

Details, baby!

In bulk is easy to confuse with a children’s Geburtstag table – very fine detail accessories with engravings, limbs and pretty decorations.

Herzallerliebst? Herzallerliebst!

… And you take I also.

Chanel, thank you goodbye Hamburg, you Pearl – see you soon, you’re very special and to complete words with Cocos: “I fail to understand, that a woman can leave the House without having made itself pretty. She could meet their fate on this day”