China Not Relies on Zara

When the correspondent for TVE in Asia, Almudena Ariza underlines, it is to take it into account. This morning jumped the news through the last scan of the Beijing Consumer Association: many of the firms present in the country do not comply with the quality standards.

If you look at the image, the label of Zara It says one thing (75% cotton, 20% wool and 5% terylene), when the truth was 68% cotton, 10% wool and 12% of other components. The worst, and we will have to follow this issue closely, it is that the Spanish firm with this kind of quality problems from 2009 (to know, is China the only country that has begun to call into trial quality of its clothing, at least officially).

The funny thing is that Zara opened 120 shops this year and 42 Chinese cities, and while his fashion sweeps around the world (never will I forgive them as the new owners of the legendary shop of the) NBA in the Fifth Avenue), it seems that the authority of the country has decided to start looking with magnifying glass the fashion firms that are conquering the trends.