Costumes for Men: How Should I Stay?

If you have a tight budget of costumes for men, one of the most popular tips is that you are going to buy it at a store on a shelf at best as you find it, so then you take it with your tailor to make your settings custom.

Costumes for Men How Should I Stay

Although the ideal is to go with a tailor to make you a suit tailored, the former to make costumes for men is very good.

But if you really want to take advantage of your costumes for men to obtain a good fit, you need to know a little more about tailors and the type of adjustments that can be made.

It is also important to know how good costumes for men should stay.

Tailors vary in ability and in how you communicate the work they do, so the fact that your costumes for men are properly adjusted will depend on that you leave clearly your needs.

Below you’ll find a visual explanation easy to follow so that you know how to buy your costumes for men.

Important note: Something that is worth mentioning is that it is possible that you are looking for costumes for special occasions, such as wedding suits for men for graduation, men’s suits for reception garden, costumes men’s slim fit, used clothing for men, men’s recycled costumes, for young men, men’s clothing winter, clothing men’s moreno… to name a few. However, the rules that we will mention below are universal, and it is advisable to use them for any occasion that requires that you go tag.

How should we see costumes for men?

When you are testing yourself a suit, your goal is to get a good look in what you could call your natural”stopped”.

That means stand up straight, and preferably using dress shoes that you will use with your costume, with your arms relaxed at the sides.

It is not a very natural position for us, but it is the basis on which flow our movements. If costumes you try do not look good in this position, you’ll not move comfortably.

When you are testing clothing for man, practice standing in this relaxed posture. Search everything fitting well mainly in the following areas:

The shoulder

Men’s costumes, a shoulder that fits well is smooth. The union of the upper part of the shoulder must be of the same length as the bone underneath, and is positioned with the suit sleeve exactly where your shoulder and arm are connected.

The shoulders are one of the hardest parts set in costumes for men since they were already made, so it is better to buy a suit that you have well left in this part. Most likely, that you can not fix it with modifications after purchase.

The encuarte

The back of your pants should have a soft fall on the shape of your butt, in any way that it is.

When the costumes for men are well of the encuarte, this will hang gently against your underwear, without stretching your crotch against your back, or much hanging below your English.

You can quickly locate when costumes for men are wrong from the encuarte horizontal wrinkles under the buttocks (caused by tight), or when there are falls watery U -shaped in the back of the English (which is very large).

A tailor can reduce the encuarte to make it tight in the afternoon back without much difficulty, but there are certain limits. If the encuarto is too large, it is not possible to adjust it without moving bags instead.

Unless your clothing mens pants have an unusual amount of fabric largely indoors, the encuarte may not increase to become less tight.

It makes the encuarte larger, rather than tight, if this is a part that you think edit.

Trousers brake

Men’s costumes brake is the small Valencian that makes shoe to stop the pants that fall to its maximum length.

This should be a small and subtle feature. A horizontal Valencia is ideal. The Valencia should rest on the top of your shoes (needs to be contact) but should not be more than that. Pants can fall with a touch longer in back, while above the heel of the shoe.

The closure

When you are using suits for men and you’re standing, you should have your jacket buttoned.

This means that part of the process to try on costumes for men is to check how it is that the front of the bag closed on your body.

Suits for men with bags with a line of buttons is enough just to close the first button, even when it is a bag of three buttons. What you want to see is if both sides come together unless the front flaps are hung (because you have big) or stretched sideways (because you have very tight).

Costumes mens button should close without any effort, and there should be no wrinkles radiating from the closure. A little opening in the bottom of the costume is good, but the two halves under the button should not open too that you can see a triangle of your shirt down the pants (ideally, you should not see anything, but it is socially acceptable).

Don’t expect a tailor can make huge changes in this part. If closure of the bag looks very bad before being altered, it is probably due to problems beyond your hip measurement. In this case, you should be looking for other costumes for men.

The sleeves length

Half-inch is a good guideline on the relationship that should exist between the sleeves of the sacks of clothing for men and the shirt that is used below.

That said, it is a general rule, and should not be a obsessive way. Yes you must make sure that your costumes mens sleeves are not above the seam of the sleeves of your shirt. This should never be visible.

Similarly, sack sleeves should never hide the shirt sleeves in its entirety.

For most men, the bag sleeves should end just above the bone of his wrist. But all arms are slightly different, and the length of the sleeves of mens costumes is very easy to make adjustment for tailors, so you can buy a jacket with long sleeves and take it to fit you.


In the costumes for men, the length of the bag is more important than people think.

Good costumes for men, or sport bags, should get past the hip and spend above the curve forming the buttocks. An ideal fit will cover a man to the point where your back begins to buckle inward, and stop there.

The hands are also a good indicator here, and this is because it is important to use your arms in a natural relaxed position. The Bastille of the sack should be near the middle of your hand.

If the Bastille of your jacket is above your back, with a slight widening in the back, then it is short demsaiado. If it goes beyond this part, longer than the arms, then it is too long. Bastille can be set up without any problem, but if you go too high, the bags will begin to see out of proportion, so don’t count more than one inch or two in this setting.

The neck

For men’s costumes, it is easy to distinguish a collar which is bad from a neck that looks good, although it is difficult to identify the cause.

Your costumes mens bag should rest against the collar of your shirt, which in turn should rest against the back of your neck. All these should touch slightly, without significant gaps between them.

A tight neck is more difficult to discover in a sack, since everything is in the back. Ponte de profile in front of a mirror to check it. A tight neck will create many folds under it, and frequently also wrinkle the neck of the shirt underneath.

A bad neck size could mean that the neck size is bad, but it is often caused by a bigger problem: bad proportions in men, a rear panel which is too much for you, or even a sac that is built with a tilt forward or backward in comparison with your standing natural.

Because these adjustments cost time and money to fix, you’ll want the original bag.