Diane Von Furstenberg for H. Stern

The years seem to not undermine the energy with which nationalized American designer driving forces in the world of fashion. Their designs are legendary, so much so that thousands of their designs have been copied in one way or another and the impact of the “wrap dress” is indisputable.

If to the legendary name we unite the h. Stern jewelry firm’s result is a stunning, avant-garde collection and a real gift to the imagination. Convince Diane to collaborate in the creation of the collection was not an easy task, however season that the designer had spent in the East had filled him new ideas that should turn over to the practice.

Thus it was born a versatile collection, in which a pair of earrings can become a long belt, ankle and thousand ideas more necklace, bracelet. Brazilian jewelry, despite its name, offers colorful designs in a range of high quality jewelry, the House which makes it very bold within the sector, but very attractive within the women and men who like their parts.

Large hoops, symbols cabalisticos cast in Platinum, gold, silver, and semi-precious stones are the delight of those women who know what they want, need not follow fashion foot juntillas, who know that remains well and what not. A collection that should not be passed.

Formed by the Power Rings, rings of semi-precious stones linked to the emponderamiento of the woman who wears it, his astral stone or its center of force and within the collection Rock Crystals, where these stones move to gorgeous pendants. On the other hand, Sutra It represents the strings kharmicas in which all the events of our lives, people around the world, are linked.

While in Love Knot, the symbol of the Tibetan eternal love is the protagonist and Harmony It transports us to the perfectps gardens of the thousand and one nights, with its fragrant flowers glass. Finally, Talisman reminds us of the avalorios antique whose mission was to protect and attract the good to the person.

It is a collection that is worthwhile, which all can rescue something to make it yours and above is supported by two great names: DVF and h. Stern.