Donatella in The Air

Many designers have ventured into the world of the creation by displaying their talents in other areas, we have to Eddie Bauer decorating the interior of a Jeep, Armani associated with Coach in the design of scooters or creating beautiful resorts. Also in the field of the restoration Bvlgari and the same House Versace. Even Victorio & Lucchino They decorated a hotel in Madrid.

But the only one to get so high is Donatella Versace, He has gone to heaven itself in your adventure. In association with Augusta Westland Designer will now be devoted to decorate the interior of private jets. Nothing more, nothing less.

The first model has already been shown and it is of a black and white striped fabric design has a perfect creative bond with his spring-summer 2007 collection. It is elegant and refined, because the most normal thing in the case of Versace is that would have been a contrast of Baroque gold and Brocade. Perhaps it would be too much weight to an aircraft and that they discarded it?

Some other models include leather sofas; chairs and beds of design; pouch and covered with silver and gold, and vessels of glass. Prices range from $ 38 million by a Challenger 604 Bombarier to 189 million for the most expensive, a Boeing 747. Be beauty at its finest.

Whatever it is, the limit of Donatella now is only space.