Dresses for Summer

Summer is here and, with it, the high temperatures, the ideal conditions to put on a dress and walk the most beautiful and cool the city. But, with all the summer trends that we have seen, What dress do you choose?

We have to opt for a? sporty look or by a floral and romantic air? Do bring something eighties or rather futuristic? ┬┐Safari o elegant? ┬┐Black and white , colorful o transparent? Maybe what you want, of course!

Here we have trends for give and take, a wide variety of styles, prices, models, designers, fabrics and prints. Sure that, among all these tips, find your ideal garment. I have already found mine, Although neither had displeased me meet me with the dress that illustrates this post, a lovely dress for Moschino. Do you like or prefer the following?

Replay, about 150 euros:

Ralph Lauren, more than 1500 euros:

Beautiful and expensive de Prada (more than 2000 euros):

Nina Ricci, lace, about 1000 euros:

Moschino, safari, more than 1500 euros:

Miu miu red, more than 2000 euros:

Luella, about 3000 euros:

Kenzo eighties for 500 euros:

Cowboy, Dolce & Gabbana, for 1000 euros:

Also Italians, for 1500 euros, a dress with transparencies:

Dior for the night, by nearly 2000 euros:

A monad of Chloe, by a pinch (nearly 4000 euros!)

Madness in the 80s of Chaiken for 400 euros:

And, finally, this lovely dress Burberry about 4000 euros: