El Hierro – the island of calm

El Hierro Attractions

With 268.71 square kilometers, El Hierro is the smallest of the seven main islands of the Canary Islands. Together with La Gomera, it is one of the Canary Islands that cannot be reached directly from international airports. Arrival is only possible by island plane or ship from neighboring islands. El Hierro is considered a global model in terms of sustainability . The island is supplied with 100 percent renewable energies with a hydro-wind power plant. There are goats from the shepherds, vegetables from the farmers and fresh fish from the cutter. A quiet and mostly natural one, little piece of earth awaits you. Because only a few tourists get lost on El Hierro. Therefore, the Canary Island is a real insider tip for those looking for relaxation. Numerous hiking trails decorate the island. They lead you past the special attraction of El Hierro: the juniper tree grove El Sabinar . The unusual shape of the trees is impressive. The strong wind has whipped the trees so much that their treetops lie on the ground and have remained there for decades. Other places worth seeing on El Hierro are the island’s capital Valverde and the natural seaside resorts and bays. A well-known beach is Las Playas. The most beautiful beach is Playa del Verodal with its black and red sand.

Gran Canaria – the party island

Gran Canaria Attractions

According to estatelearning, Gran Canaria is the third largest of the seven inhabited Canary Islands and inspires almost 2.8 million tourists annually with its many facets. Party-loving holidaymakers are particularly drawn here. The main destination of high school, graduation and group trips is Playa del Inglés . Bars and discos are open until the early hours and are well filled. Here you can turn night into day. The next morning you lie in the sun on one of the beautiful beaches and recharge your batteries for the next party. Maspalomas is just as popular with young holidaymakers. The hotels and holiday complexes are lined up here. There is a large selection of clubs and bars. If you don’t like it in one club, you go to the next disco. Maspalomas also scores with beautiful beaches where you can relax from the night during the day. Gran Canaria is home to the largest city in the Canary Islands: Las Palmas. Here you can also experience unforgettable party nights. The city in the north of the island has much more to offer. Museums, historic buildings, beautiful squares, and a huge port area attract attention. To portray Gran Canaria only as a party island would be wrong. In addition to the many parties and sensations in the cities, Gran Canaria also fascinates with a breathtaking landscape and is often referred to as a “miniature continent”. Look forward to green landscapes, oases, gorges and banana plantations! With 60 kilometers of beach and beautiful dune landscapes, there is enough space for quiet moments on your Canary Islands vacation .

Lanzarote – the island for nature lovers and those seeking peace and quiet

Lanzarote Attractions

To party, you’re on the wrong Canary Island in Lanzarote . Here, rest and relaxation are paramount. Lanzarote is the perfect destination for nature lovers who like to soak up the sun on one of the beaches. The black landscape immersed in lava shapes the image of the island. In between there are beautiful beaches with light, fine sand. A must on your Lanzarote vacation is the Timanfaya National Park . On the drive through the gorge you will see the famous Fire Mountains. Whoever drives through here feels like being on the moon. Alternatively, you can explore the landscape on the back of a camel. The entire island is a UNESCO biosphere reserve. Another natural spectacle is the Green Lagoon. The water of the lake is colored green and is a great photo opportunity. If you want to relax from the activities on the island, you have to head for the dream beaches of Lanzarote. A true paradise awaits you with Playa de Papagayo . The sand is as fine as powdered sugar and the sea shines in a clear green. The beach is so extensive that you don’t notice the other holidaymakers. You can find more beautiful beaches in El Golfo, Haria, Puerto del Carmen and Yaiza. Beach boredom does not come with the large selection. The wine-growing regions are characteristic of Lanzarote. In the southern part of the island, in La Geria, is Lanzarote’s oldest wine bar, founded in 1775. Today El Grifo is a wine museum where you can take part in a guided tour as well as a wine tasting. The small property can register up to 60,000 visitors annually. The strongest contrast to the landscape, which is otherwise marked by barren basalt rock, is formed by the white houses of the Lanzarote artist César Manrique. The museum LagOmar , which is well worth seeing , also attracts with a restaurant. Do not miss a tasting of the Malvasia white wine!


El Hierro, Gran Canaria and Lanzarote
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