In Singapore, there are attractions that can interest both fans of the classic “excursion” and lovers of exotic entertainment. It is better to start acquaintance with them from the Botanical Garden, founded more than 150 years ago. Flora from all over the world flourishes and smells on the territory of 101 hectares: tropical and equatorial endemics, orchids, palm trees and ferns. From flora to fauna: to the Singapore Zoo, home to over 2,500 animals, including endangered species. See JIBIN123 for Singapore customs regulations and visa requirements.

The conditions for keeping animals are as close as possible to natural ones: for this, entire ecosystems have been recreated in the zoo – deserts, jungles, African valleys.

In between excursions, it is worth taking a ride on the rides, of which there are a great many in Singapore. On the 165-meter Singapore Flyer, beauty and height are breathtaking, in the Skyline and Skyride karting centers on Sentosa – from speed, in the MegaZip rope park – from extreme sports, and in the amazing world of Universal Studios – from everything at once.

Having become acquainted with the creations of nature, it’s time to appreciate the man-made masterpieces. The recognized symbol of the island is the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, which looks like a spaceship that has landed near the bay. In the nearby Merlion Park, a statue of a mythical beast flaunts, welcoming the guests of the city. An architectural curtsy from the past centuries is the snow-white Raffles Hotel, an example of elegance and respectability. One of the main religious attractions is the Sri Mariamman temple with a luxurious facade studded with statuettes of Hindu deities. Reminiscent of World War II is Fort Siloso, the only surviving gun battery.

The best observation deck is the 130 m high Tiger Sky Tower, built in the gigantic Imbia Lookout entertainment area.

The architectural dominant of Singapore is the futuristic Marina Bay Sands Hotel.

However, Singapore is not only skyscrapers, huge artificial trees and a sculpture of the mythical creature Merlion. One of the main symbols of the “Lion City” is located at an altitude of 191 m, on the roof of a fantastic building – the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. This is a pool with the speaking name Infinity Pool: it really seems endless, because the steel structure stretches for almost 150 m in length, and its edges seem to break off at the level of the 60th floor. In fact, this illusion arises due to the fact that the water collectors are installed slightly lower than the sides of the pool.

The water offers a unique view of the urban landscapes of the metropolis: from a dizzying height, the amazing city can be seen in all its details.

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Where to go with children

On the Singapore Ferris Wheel, which we have already talked about, there is a Time Capsule attraction: thanks to the Flyer 360+ interactive multimedia system, you can get acquainted with the history of the country, see what it was like many decades ago, learn interesting things about the iconic places of Singapore.

A visit to the Art Science Museum is an impressive experience at the intersection of technology, science and art. Its permanent exhibition was created in cooperation with an international creative association of artists, programmers, engineers, computer animators, mathematicians and architects. Children will appreciate the huge balls for games, an interactive aquarium and electronic classics, while adults will appreciate the undeniable “instagrammability” of the museum’s spaces.

We also talked about the Singapore Zoo: it’s just a fantastic place for a family holiday. You can watch birds in Asia’s largest bird park Jurong. Lori parrots, toucans, flamingos, pelicans, cardinals, penguins and other inhabitants may not even suspect that they live in captivity. Visitors to the Night Safari and River Safari parks have a unique opportunity to see animals that are active at night, as well as the inhabitants of the largest river ecosystems in the world. As a bonus – entertainment programs and spectacular shows with feeding outlandish animals. You can add to the collection of impressions of a young (and not so) naturalist in the Butterfly Park.

Finally, Sentosa Adventure Island deserves its own list in this section:

  • One of the largest SEA Aquariums, home to 100,000 marine animals, including rare stingrays, bronze hammerheads, Japanese spider crabs and even the nautilus pompilius clam.
  • SEA’s first Hollywood theme park Universal Studios Singaporefeatures the world’s tallest twin roller coaster, Shrek’s castle, Madagascar themed ride, futuristic Sci-Fi city, Waterworld show and the world’s first closed loop carousel.
  • An unusual water park where you can see a lot of marine life and visit 14 water attractions.
  • Adventure Park Mega Adventure – 50-meter span at a height of 75 m at a speed of 60 km / h, MegaClimb – course to overcome heights from 5 to 15 meters, MegaJump – jump from 15 m, MegaBounce – super trampoline for children.
  • Skyline Luge Sentosa, reminiscent of a sleigh ride and a go-kart at the same time: having climbed Mount Faber on a funicular, you can go down on special wheeled sleds. The track is over a kilometer long.
  • Surfing complex Wave House Sentosa, where artificial waves reach three meters.
  • SkyHelix Tower, Singapore’s tallest outdoor panoramic attraction. Visitors climb up 79 meters along a 40-meter tower from inside a rotating gondola.
  • Butterfly Theme Parkwith an abundance of lush tropical plants and a huge variety of inhabitants.

Holidays and events

Despite the tiny size of the country, there are a lot of holidays and festivals in Singapore. The most colorful and colorful national festivals are the celebration of the Chinese New Year, the Hindu holidays of Ponggal and Thaipusam in February, the Hougang Spring Festival in late February and the Birthday of God the Child on May 1. Also of interest are the Dragon Boat Festival in May-June, the celebration of classical Indian dance and music – the festival of the Chettar temple and the Timiti fire cleansing ceremony in October.

The Navaratri festival (“Nine Lights” in Tamil), which takes place in October and lasts 9 days – according to the number of stars, brings songs and dances to Singapore in honor of the Indian goddesses Durga and Lakshmi Saraswati. And November’s Deepavali – the country’s most important Hindu holiday – marks the victory of Light over Darkness.

In January-February, the spring festival, Chunjie, is celebrated, and from December to March, the Muslim holidays of Hari-Raya-Haji (the festival of sacrifice) and Hari-Raya-Puasa – the end of Ramadan from April to May. Good Friday and Easter are also celebrated from April to May. Buddha’s (or Wesak) birthday is celebrated here on May 6th.

Of the social events, the Singapore Art Week in January, the famous summer gastronomic festival Singapore Food Festival, the Cocktail Festival in October, and, of course, the Formula 1 night race in September-October, will be of interest.

Attractions in Singapore

Entertainment and Attractions in Singapore
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