Fashion Alert, Pink Hair Wraps Cannonballs Next Season!

There is no discussion, hair color coats will be the Kings of the next season. It will be all the bright colors that you imagine, but undoubtedly pink color will be the most widely used by large firms but also by those less expensive brands that end up imposing trends. Gucci revolutionized fashion, with the arrival of its new creative director, and the pink color, using it on all the pieces that make up a look.

This coat of Gucci pink candy created in Fox Fur and valued at 14,000 euros opened the way, all the attending the parade wanted to assault the model who wore it and had to wait a bit to see it in the main journals from around the world. Now is the time to get cold and see how firms have interpreted this trend, Pink coats of hair everywhere that the garment will become star of the season or perhaps due to the bold color, remain only in trend.

Anyway does not escape the chains of fashion designers one, why and knowing how risky the garment have decided to apply the pink hair to other shelters. This Zara already fills the coat racks, although I think it is much easier for a short time as the colors and the making. Do you think this kind of coats of bright colors?