Fergie Wedding Dress

And whenever a famous House, at Jezebel are very attentive of what will have been the chosen wedding dress model. On this occasion, it was the turn of the singer Fergie, whose style not known for elegant, precisely. Its wedding dress also it is the nicest that we have seen. It may be the face of the groom you known, because the new husband is Josh Duhamel, actor of the series Las Vegas.

The wedding dress It was white and tight, with suspenders and long tail. In addition, it had some details in the form of roses and brooches silver on the back of the same. Seemed more a night to wedding dress.

On the other hand, with the hairstyle and makeup it opted for the simplicity. It has been collected the hair with a small Ribbon to the hippie style, leaving his long wavy hair loose. Then we leave you with a picture of the detail of the tail dress and his crocodile-shaped bracelet.