Formula Calculates How to Become a Super Model

The mega success of excess model Kendall Jenner (19), according to U.S. researchers, is no coincidence. Rather career opportunities in the model biz based on a specific combination of data you want to can be reliably calculated. Our site explains how this algorithm works and plays what role Instagram.

By because, at the right time at the right place! By whom and where a model was discovered, has to do is a great career according to very little to a U.S. study. According to Indiana University staff, this is all pure mathematics.

Career opportunities can calculate
Between September and December 2014 social scientists began to define a formula to calculate the chance to achieve success in the fashion industry. They compared 400 models, including industry leaders of à la Gigi Hadid (20) and Kendall Jenner and not-so-successful girl in optical factors such as eye color, body, clothing and shoe size. An important part of the investigation: their activity on social networks. A possible career as a model with 80% confidence could be predicted by aggregating and analyzing this data.

Six right!
The researchers applied their algorithm to girls who were listed in the official database “The fashion model directory” as newcomers, and eight of them predicted a big career boost. Six of the beginner models, they were right: Sofia Tesmenitskaya, Arina Levchenko, Renata Scheffer, Sasha Antonowskaia, Melanie Culley and Phillipa Hemphrey were booked on the autumn / winter shows in the March 2015 by a number of well-known designers and were able to establish themselves in the industry.

So to fire the success formula
In the course of the study, the scientists noted that especially big girls have corresponding chances for success; wide hips, however, work from more career hindrance. The fans on the social networks had a particularly strong influence on the career. “Our analysis places suggest that Instagram for a model is just as important, to be at a top Agency under contract”, explained computer scientist Emilio Ferrara, who participated in the study, in an interview with “The Cut”. So was a large number of followers of likes and your own posts directly linked to the popularity of a model. The popularity was measured by the frequency of catwalk jobs.