Galliano, Azzedine Alaia, Giorgio Armani, Anna Wintour: The World Fashion Is a Soap Opera (And Good)

Well, well, well. John Galliano He opened pandora’s box a few months ago in the fashion world and it seems that nobody is able to close it. Since there are many scandals which beset this world that seemed to be an untouchable: since the dismissal of the designer of Dior by some anti-Semitic statements, passing by the dismissal of Decarnin at Balmain, countless claims to various firms including YSL Christian Louboutin… And now they turn to Azzedine Alaia y Giorgio Armani.

The first was news last week by reject the vacant French firm since it is considered that what happened to Galliano was very sad and that is why I didn’t want to be part of that chapter. At the end and at the end it seems that he was then designer of Dior still remain friends. But it is not the only Declaration of Alaia: it has gone from the language and has criticized two of the large, Karl Lagerfeld y Anna Wintour.

Will Anna Wintour who remember in fashion history? No one. So emphatic the designer also added that it is very good has been shown as Public relations Business and that scares people, but only to see her dressed as shows that taste has. It seems that the anger comes from years: Vogue USA never ever shows images of the collection of Azzedine Alaia. In what to Karl Lagerfeld This refers, the designer said that the Kaiser never in life has touched a pair of scissors.
I don’t like their fashion, their spirit, their attitude. It is too much caricature. (…) That doesn’t mean it’s not great, but it is part of another system. He has the ability. A day ago photograph, the next the advertising of Coca-Cola. I’d rather die than see my face in a car advertisement. We do not do the same job.

But it is not the only ‘ large ‘ (and don’t say it by his stature, if not for their work) industry that has gotten other ‘ big & #8216;. Giorgio Armani, that seemed to be the most serious and sympathetic of this scene has gotten with two fellow Patriot: Dolce & Gabbana y Prada. be dispatched without any contemplation is that apparently not it he sat very well the news of the departure of Prada to the bag But it also got hard with their collections.
Miuccia Prada has chosen the path of irony, of bad taste that becomes chic. And on this reef are great, such as Dolce & Gabbana. But it bothers me that they be given space in newspapers.

Show us, once again, that peer, there is no discipline. A pity!