Gastblogger Christian: Favorite Albums Of 2010 Part 1 LCD Soundsystem This Is Happening

“You wanted a hit / but maybe we don’t do hits / I try and try / it ends up feeling child of wrong”.

He has changed not much to his style, this James Murphy. Why also? He was concerned with his dance-punk project LCD Soundsystem always just one: fun. He wanted to have fun and make fun. He has done it again. For the third time! An accessible and poppigeres album that changed the fact remains, that it was brilliant after the debut and certainly hardest album LCD Soundsystem (2005) followed with sound of silver (2007)! This Murphy was now happening is with his third and apparently final album this. Several times, he has announced that he wants to focus production on his label DFA and it. Should he pull it off that would be more than a shame.

Not only as an album artist, James Murphy belongs now to the most innovative and most compelling musicians of modernity, but also as a live act. Who was at the Berlin Festival, will certainly agree with me that LCD Soundsystem a-if not the – highlight. It is amazing how this incredibly likeable bear can tear with the masses. And he proves that lyrics in pop music are not everything. In his first hit losing my edge (2002) he strings together just his musical influences. You can see here he draws from the exclusive bandwidth:

can, CPT. Beefheart, modern lovers, Daft Punk, Pere Ubu, The Monks, basic channel, the slits, Gil Scott-Heron or Nike’s favorite band the Sonics and many others. Also in this is happening, plays and sings to Murphy by his eclectic taste in music. There is again a series of fantastic dance songs (“One Touch” or “Pow Pow”), music that is full of humor (“drunk girls”) or synthpop (“I can change”-a beautiful dance love song like him since new order hardly anyone got out). In addition an ironic dig at the music industry. In “You Wanted a hit” he makes it clear that it’s not about LCD Soundsystem exactly this: “you wanted a hit / but maybe we don’t do hits / I try and try / it ends up feeling child of wrong”.

This is happening was one of the most hottest anticipated albums of the year. Murphy has kept his fans on Facebook the entire time up to date full of enthusiasm. When it was ready in may, he did not disappoint just not (what really no one expected), he has once again managed to transfer his enthusiasm to his audience. It is well known that to stop, when it is at its best (which I believe is absolute bullshit!), but when James Murphy’s was always nice. Rarely you wished that someone resigns from his resignation. But in this case it would be a blessing. Especially for those who are still not allowed to experience live LCD Soundsystem.

Thank you very much, Dear Christian!