Gastblogger Christian: Favorite Albums Of 2010 Part V – And Also He Loves Kanye West!

Yes, admittedly, I was more than skeptical when I with Monsieur Christian discussed the albums of the year 2010, this rock solid claiming 10 Kanye belongs in any top. His music not actually fits in my music mini Cosmos sorted with love. At the latest after this text I had to but somehow raise the white flag. And Yes, Christian. It’s not quite so bad. No, so very secretly I have resulted in even good the complete album me peruse – Head Rocker included. Thank you, dear roommate – for so much commitment and great words!

My beautiful dark twisted fantasy – Kanye West

Yes, Yes: Kanye West is the biggest Popstar there at the moment. West has managed to be appreciated by the two recent American Presidents by name. Obama referred to him as “Jack ACE” – which means like retard – after this tore at the Grammy ceremony last year obviously drunk Taylor Swift hand microphone to complain that the prize for the best video on Beyoncé went. The statement of Wests, that Bush black Americans no matter were, even the ‘worst of his presidency’ was for Obama’s predecessor Bush. Where Bush persistently said West in his distinctive manner by Mr. Conway. But details were never too important for Bush. Remember his problems of Slovenia and the Slovak Republic to pull off. But this man believes in ‘the peaceful coexistence of fish and man’.

Back to Kanye West and the output statement. His pop potential has already frequently proven West. Remember his collaboration with Adam Levine of Maroon 5 in “heard ‘ em say” on his excellent second album, late registration (2005) or with Coldplay singer Chris Martin during the song “Homecoming” on the following album, graduation (2007). But what has made Kanye West this year, break final with pop-musical traditions and means for many critics to put the rescue of stagnant in hip hop, which increasingly degenerated into a repetitive, shallow entertainment, and it’s missing new pop trends. While other styles new influences opened (at the latest since Radiohead’s avant garde album Kid A from the year 2000), stayed true to hip hop and walked with bordering on the ridiculousness of sexism and chauvinism. Also in the 2000s there were exceptions such as Outkast, kid Cudi, Lil Wayne, clipse or: Kanye West. Some of these musicians has West on his new album my beautiful dark twisted fantasy gathered.

But the list is much longer: Fergie, Drake, Dwele, Jay-Z (whose most successful album blueprint (2001) by West was produced), Rihanna, Chris Rock, Alicia Keys or the Kerry under the Bards of pop: Justin “Bon Iver” Vernon, and many others. It’s one thing to present a long list of renowned guest musicians. It is different with these to work, that they are sometimes better than they ever were. West has afforded the luxury of even Sir Elton John for one (!) To put the song on the piano. As happened in “All Of The Lights”, an all-star bombast song where that reminds guest musicians list of Michael Jackson’s “we are the world”. But West was not brilliant, egomaniacal producer if he had not intended to create one of the best albums of all time. He comes close the thing. Very close! Hip hop was never so much pop. There’s never been Hip-Hop singles of nearly 10 minutes. “Runaway” is so epic genius. Along with Pusha T succeeded in West, the best single of the year, Yes: to include perhaps the last decade. Even the album from the beginning feels end like a greatest hits album. A very personal also. “Can we get much higher?” asks West in the opener “dark fantasy”. And whether! “Gorgeous” is accompanied by very rocking guitar riffs. “Power” is the first big highlight of the plate. It’s probably the powerful song in the career of the hedonistic Narcissists Kanye West.
Kanye West — runaway (long version) – myvideo

Then West is for a few seconds rest the handset before that said all-star Stadium rock number “All of the Lights” the listener from his tears his Microsleep. Disable forbidden! But who remember? With “Monster” continues seamlessly, and culminates in the guest appearance by Nicki Minaj who RAPS with a forcefulness when she Ella Fitzgeralds’s daughter. Or Ella Fitzgerald himself! “So Appelled” is a hip hop song to the next. Gloriously played by RZA, Pusha T, Jay Z, and others. In “Devil in a New Dress”, West shows his great sense for the sample (Smokey Robinson). West’s funniest but also the most personal song on the album can be found in the “Blame Game” and “Runaway”. Concluding this masterpiece makes the vocals completely distorted Bon Iver (“lost in the world”) and Gil Scott-herons current question “Who will survive in America” – furious final of a famous plate.

Kanye West has with my beautiful dark twisted fantasy epic hip-pop album created. Of course that’s not enough one like him. So he grabbed a 35-minute ‘short film’ (“runaway”) on top of it. The story of a fallen angel who is violated on Earth.

Yes, Kanye is the biggest male pop star there at the moment. He positioned himself as arrogant and self-absorbed Svillan. But he is also the, which positioned itself in the testosterone-driven world of hip hop against homophobia and is politically and socially involved. And in addition, he is a great producer. Someone, you should never write off. Or to express it with George Bush: never missunderestimate West Conway!