Gender-Model Proves: Lesbians Can Wear Sexy Clothes

The dresses by Herve were nothing for Lesbian and thick women Leger. With this statement, a manager of the fashion brand had outraged well a week ago and then lost his job. A lesbian model assigns to the rebuttal.

Rain Dove is a model, however not a classic beauty in the style of a Kendall Jenner or Gisele Bündchen. With their distinctive facial features, is one of the most successful Gendermodels of the industry, will be staged so as both a woman and man for shootings and on the catwalk. Also their homosexuality not hiding it: rain loves women, dresses in private very tomboyish. But rain may be also different.

The American model rain Dove is booked due to his androgynous charisma both as a man and as a woman for model jobs. Private clothes rain according to time rather masculine…

“Pretty Woman” is a lesbian

To refute stereotypes about the clothing style of lesbian women, the model has dared a little personal experiment: went boutique by Hervé Leger on the Melrose Avenue, an exclusive shopping street in West Hollywood, and tried several dresses of the luxury brand. Writes: “I had a #prettywoman experience @our site…”

All fans of the cult movie “Pretty Woman” will remember the scene as Vivian (Julia Roberts) is not used in a luxury boutique, because the sellers think she would not his client.

Response to dresses Diss

Fact: Rain Dove looks mega sexy in the three dresses! And is the best proof that also lesbians can wear dresses by Hervé Leger and look is stunning. A manager of the luxury brands, namely last week had claimed otherwise.

Patrick Couderc, former head of UK sales of Hervé Leger, asked publicly in an interview, “lush” ladies and those with “Distinctive hips and very flat chest” Please right more of the famous bandage dress like keep away. Couderc wanted to imagine homosexual women the look. The manager who then lost his job.