Google Publishes Its Latest Report Fashion Trends 2016

Google has just made public a report that reveals which are the top trends band withsumers on issues of fashion and style. A few figures provided thanks to its search engine that explains which are the garments with which we will have to ask ourselves if we want to be the last now in September, and which are also which should be avoided in order not to take steps to false.

According to the results of this study, the chic military style is more fashionable than ever this year. The bomber It is also the order of the day. Searches related to this mythical Hunter have experienced an increase of 297% in the month of April, and 612% from last year to this. The Black is without doubt the favorite, as are the embroidery (even more than the camouflage print). With regard to the materials with which the garments are made, leather occupies the first position followed in the Satin.

Another trend that arrives with force is the free-spirited style consisting of lead top with shoulders to air. A trend that has been seen much throughout the summer. A search has revealed an increase of 261% in the British market and 347% in the American market from December 2015 may 2016. As for the favorite tones, the White It is the most sought after, followed from the Black.

The third trend that we can not escape us are the outfits ready to go, especially the combishort adorned with lace and with floral prints. Again is the white dominant, followed by black.

The influence of celebrities on fashion trends is logical, so it has not missed that Gigi Hadid o Kim Kardashian they are which relate most frequently performed searches of bombers, While Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Michelle Obama and Jenna Coleman are the first appearing when they are looking for tops with shoulder to air. The combishort tends to be associated with a Taylor Swift and Michelle Keagan.

With regard to the trends that have passed into history, we can say goodbye to the jogging suits, to the worn jeans and to the asymmetrical skirts.