H & M and Their Perfect Review to The Pants of Fashion at The Time

Do you want to know what are pants more in the moment? This trend that you can not miss to look fashionable as mark this spring 2015? H & M gives us a lesson in all styles of pants that take and know that most fashion already are looking at the fashion weeks. Attentive to this falls on the exam.

  • The cycling shorts. Of course, a trouser that create you the avant-garde look of the mommento.
  • High waist pants. Because the low shot is dead, now we have to take them very very high, marking waist
  • Peto cowboy. The dungarees are going to take very much. Alexa Chung and other it girls already look them. Would you like to fashion?
  • A monkey. This piece in black, sleeveless and belted is the perfect outfit for a spring office look.
  • Women coogi. Classic, tight and woven denim. H & M brings them in legging format so that it fits better.
  • White trousers. Elegant and formal, white listed on the rise this season.
  • Cargo pants. We have already seen that become to take and are cool, which we are pleased.
  • Baggy pants. Leg very wide so that we move with comfort.
  • Chinese. Relaxed, casual and off-road, they are ideal to show off the weekend pants