The northern capital of Israel, located on the spurs of Mount Carmel along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. 5 kilometers of beaches, some of the cleanest and most beautiful in Israel, and the greenery of the forests of Carmel Park, Israel’s largest park, provide you with many opportunities for recreation and entertainment.

Haifa – the 3rd largest city in Israel, a city that works tirelessly, widely spread on the slopes of the famous Mount Carmel and at their foot, on the Mediterranean coast.
The modern industrial and cultural center with a population of about 300 thousand people, at the beginning of the 19th century, had no more than 10 thousand inhabitants. Haifa is a city where many cultures, traditions and religions have been closely coexisting for many years. Numerous gardens and parks of Carmel organically fit into the urban landscape of Haifa. This mountain range, at its highest point reaching 546 meters, stretches for 25 km. In ancient times, its slopes were covered with vineyards and orchards. No wonder the mountain is called Carmel (“God’s Vineyard”). Carmel is revered by believers in all three major monotheistic religions.

The architectural pearl of Haifa, located in the city center, on the terraces of Mount Carmel, can truly be called the Bahai Gardens, blooming throughout the year, erected by adherents of the Bahai religion. Not infrequently equated with the “Eighth Wonder of the World”, 19 decorative terraces with stone fountains, sculptures and a variety of flora create a unique harmonious ensemble, smoothly descending to the square at the foot of the mountain. The recently restored historic quarter of the German Templar colony stretches to this square, which completes the grandiose building of the Bahais. 85 houses, with characteristic red roofs, built by the Templars by 1875, were an island around which the port city grew and developed.
Haifa, the city not only combines various layers of modern and ancient culture and architecture, but also the capital of progress and the city of students. The Haifa Polytechnic Institute, called the Technion, was established about 90 years ago and has been growing steadily ever since. The green campus is located in the upper part of Haifa, on the slopes
Carmel. The modern Technion is not only a prestigious higher educational institution that trains engineers in various fields of technology, but also a center of applied engineering sciences, whose research is highly valued in the world. In recent years, Haifa has developed into an important tourist center. Here you can find activities suitable for the whole family: museums and galleries, city theatre, cinemas, sports. complexes, numerous restaurants, cafes and pubs, street performances and exhibitions, walks along the alleys and in the bosom of nature. Haifa shopping centers (ken¬łny), combining numerous shops, restaurants, cafes, amusement parks, create a real holiday of shopping and pleasure! Haifa is also considered the center of congresses and education – the University and the Technion, the International Congress and Exhibition Center,
The city offers a seaport known for its hospitality and high service, and from the Haifa airport lies the shortest route to Jordan, Cyprus, Turkey and the Greek Islands.
The favorable location of Haifa allows you to easily and quickly get to the most interesting sights of Acre, Western Galilee, Druze villages, Nazareth, the Carmelim region, also famous for its wineries and cellars; Caesarea. This city has everything to give an unforgettable experience to any guest.


Eilat is located at the southernmost point of Israel. It is a duty free zone. This resort city appears before the eyes of the traveler almost without warning. Just now you were driving through the highlands of the southern Negev and the Arava desert, and in a minute you are at the Red Sea.
For the past 20 years, Eilat has had a reputation as a prestigious winter resort, the perfect place to escape cold Europe for a week or two of soaking up the winter sun. However, more and more tourists are discovering that summer holidays in Eilat are no less pleasant than winter ones.
Eilat is a resort city located in the very south of the country, on the Red Sea coast. Many sandy beaches, the opportunity to swim all year round and a large number of dive centers have made Eilat the most popular holiday destination in Israel.
The surroundings of the city are famous for a variety of geological faults – Amram Pillars, Black Canyon, Mount Yoash and Solomon’s Gorge – they all belong to Timna Park.
On the coast of the Gulf of Eilat are the northernmost coral reefs in Eurasia. In the Dolphin Reef Reserve, you will have the opportunity to swim with dolphins and feed them. Also of interest is the reserve of biblical wild animals “Khaibar”, where animals that are on the verge of extinction are bred.

Diving in Eilat
There are more than ten well-equipped diving centers in Eilat. Diving takes place throughout the year. Beginners can take a short course. For those who do not want to dive with a mask and tube (snorkeling) or scuba diving (diving), snuba is offered – a dive in which air is supplied down a flexible pipe from a raft on the surface of the sea. Each two divers are accompanied by an instructor. Depth up to 6 m.
Such a trip to the underwater world does not require preparation and is available to anyone who can swim. Israelis claim it’s their invention.

Sea cruises from Eilat
Day cruises – combined with various types of water activities, such as banana boating, motor boating, water skiing, snorkeling and scuba diving, windsurfing
Night cruises are the perfect vacation for big noisy companies – DJs, fireworks, fire signs and much more are at your service. “Atlantis 220” has a great bar, well-equipped kitchen, barbecue.

Eilat, Israel

Haifa and Eilat, Israel
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