Hayden Panettiere Dress Up Party But Not Convinced

The young people are becoming older, as our grandmothers. And is that in a short time we have seen the growth of a number of names such as Emma Watson, who even starred in editorials dressed cabaret or own Hayden Panettiere, that after the boom with the series Heroes is a reference for many teens.

Even so, while adults are made, not all are improving at the same level. The first class are still Watson and Hudgens y Hayden Panettiere must be limited to be in a second group, with outfits that sometimes convince and others the opposite.

One of their failures seen again in this look: so very nice to be, not convinced. Because you can dress up party and go more fixed you can, which is still missing the something. In part due to its height, it is very low and a dress does not look like.

So seeing her with a short prom dress, with sequins and black heels, does not convey the same than when someone carries it flawlessly. In the images is with a jacket, but it perhaps your partner because it seems man, to avoid so cold.

I also liked your hairstyle, it not favored it to his face. A look that turns to leave indifferent.