Hien Le S / S 2015 – “LIKE A DREAM” & The Light Artist, Which I Lost My Heart.

Hien Les Show was my personal closing show of the fashion week last Friday, I couldn’t have me then also equal to work, to cover the shown in words. Consciously I decided but against hasty typing and phrase searches, the head was fashion after four days namely up top and full with impressions, particularly with strangers. Hiens craft so seemed far too precious, in that I wanted to treat it like assembly line goods. So: Once SAG can be. A good idea, because today glamour me “like A dream”, Hiens Spring collection for 2015, actually even a bit more. 

Transparent foldings are of course also this time, just like the Hien Le  esque purism, which appears especially in thin silk, we encounter material mixes, coated cotton and mesh neoprene, shed prints, fish and jellyfish, listening to TLC, Prince or Blondie and see how noticeable art can become portable fashion. In addition to blue, white, and shades of mint, Hien namely above all an almost hypnotic liaison between Orange served us + camel, he serves us even a supposed remake of the recurring Safari looks including Bermuda shorts – in truth we have to do it, I lost my heart on the middle in New York two years ago but with an effective homage of the light artist James Turrell. Color games such as just a dream:

A shame is that photos exclude the movement of materials to a large extent, that is only the frontal view, and, although Hien this time not only with the infamous Angelina Jolie slot in the MIDI rock has worked, but also presented blouses, the lateral insights grant and be combined to überweiten pants along with fashionable and at the same time extremely wear values elasticated corner straps. Also charming: The top white shoes – we should trust us untenrum really once again.

High five to I am the Kim Kong, which provided the perfect soundtrack to the show.

My favorite outfits:

A few final pieces from Hien Les of current collection can be geshopt just by the way, in the sale at VOO.