How Long Does It Take to Assemble the Wardrobe for the Male Ideal?

Two years ago we published an article talking about how to assemble a wardrobe, male basic, with pieces that would work for both the day-to-day, and for special occasions and that, in addition to everything else, they were interchangeable in its majority, ensuring the maximization of their use. At the same time came the doubts as to the difficulty and the time it would take, because a lot of people really need to implode the wardrobe and start from scratch, you do not have another way!

How Long Does It Take to Assemble the Wardrobe for the Male Ideal

Answering the question of the title of this post, I would say that to assemble a wardrobe and perfect a man would spend 3 to 5 years, provided that you dedicate some weekly hours to it, and when I say “dedicate” I don’t mean to buy, but to keep informed about fashion and searching good shops and the best prices.

– All of this???

Yes, buy decent clothes takes time and money, even for those who have two to spare, that is why I advise you to make this task as pleasant as possible, for both have listed 10 tips to help you improve your performance during the mission, leaving the neuras-side:

1 – Know that it will take!

Don’t expect to find everything from one time to another, this does not resolve itself with a trip to the mall or on that trip to New York, where you think that has an outlet of their preferred brands selling everything for $ 10 and exactly at your size. Unfortunately the reality is another! Get ready for a long journey.

2 – Focus on the basic and essential first

No point in spending money on a suit by Hugo Boss and not having a good shirt to use with it, besides, the wrong shirt can ruin this suit, go for basic and simple at first! Just prioritize something different if there is an occasion to use this costume specific.

3 – Look not strip piece

Don’t be ashamed to walk into a store for that top brand that you admire to prove clothes, feel the fabrics, see the trim and models are available, this will increase your experience with fashion and you will avoid buying a pig in a poke, even if you don’t have money for either at the moment.

4 – do Not be paranoid

Do not enter into the fissure of buy a piece of clothing at any cost, the times that blazer marine perfect it can take to appear, in the mean time think of having a black or graphite, provided that they have quality, do not buy the first marine that arise only because you have to have this piece anyway.

5 – be Careful with trends and fads

The money that you have spent with a pair of pants that barely survived the summer could have been invested in a jeans for life; that shirt full of details and colors that can be used on a few occasions could have given place to one other to accompany you at any time, at any place. Prioritize the basic or the classic and critically with the news, not always they will be ideal for you.

6 – Think of the durability

Your wardrobe will never be complete if there is a continuing need for replacement of the items! Buy quality parts, since these will last more, so you concentrate only on that was never purchased, and does not reset which did not last anything!

7 – eye in the shop windows

When you are giving your “have” at the mall with the girlfriend to be aware of two things: news and promotions. The first item will show you what is new in fashion, the second opportunity to acquire something that until then was out of his possibilities.

8 – Buy the few

Nothing walk into a store and buy 10 shirts chess at once. Vary, let the new goods come in, analyze what is really missing in your hangers so you won’t get a lot of things repeated and no use, but that at the time of purchase seemed very promising.

9 – be Careful with the red label

Here we have the item 7 in reverse: a lot of people get crazy when they see a settlement in and out buying everything, but the truth is that this attitude is one of the biggest enemy of the wardrobe perfect, because you purchase what you should end up with your money and then you’re left without money to buy what you need.

10 – A list helps

Assemble a list with the clothes you already have and with the that you need can be a way to not buy the wrong, making better control of what is available (you can believe that a lot of people forget), and what’s missing in the closet, but not fall into the error of turning the list into some kind of competition and trying to finish it at all costs, remember the item 4 of this post!



If you want to follow this path and improve its repertoire, be prepared to devote a portion of his time to it, but also be aware that after the main parts are in their hangers, the journey is more simple and more enjoyable, because you will stop running behind t-shirts, knitwear and shirts to form your wardrobe and perfect that, of course, will never be complete, after all always there will be a outfit that you will want, however the task will be much less heavy, being able to run it with much more focus!