How Much Money Is There Behind The Streetstyle?

The figures of Money moving in the fashion world tend to be very high just that we see more popular or unique issues. The streetstyle It seems that it is the rebel son of all this network of brands, companies and publishing houses thanks to selfless in all parts of the world people but in the end so much goodness is not real.

If we are going to these areas that I mentioned above, in particular to bloggers as Bryan Boy, who managed to earn $100,000 a year, or the image that has won the beloved Tavi Gevinson, untouchable for many and questioned for many others, we see how the streetstyle reaches business figures to take into account.

According to the founder of The Business of Fashion, Imran Amed, increasingly photographers looking for more images of relevant bloggers and compete to get the best shots that can then sell to magazines like Vogue or Harper ’ s Bazaar and achieve between 200-$1,000, and even more, they.

Generous amounts for a single image of people “ anonymous ” in the eyes of all the world until two days ago and now instead are as important as some faces popular as to influence.

The streetstyle is the most interesting phenomenon in recent years within the fashion. Will it remain so for many years?