How to Be Adept at Natural Makeup

Recently the singer Alicia Keys has published a text revealing that she will no longer wear makeup and that this is a way to get rid of tiresome beauty standards. In events and rehearsals she has appeared beautiful with her freckles and dark circles on display.

How to Be Adept at Natural Makeup

Alicia’s radical attitude accompanies a trend of beauty that is the natural makeup, “clean face,” when the products used are so light and applied in such small quantities that the appearance is as if there was no makeup.

Well, we know that the function of makeup is precisely disguise imperfections, such as dark circles, spots, scars, acne, and highlight strengths of the face, such as eyes, face apple, mouth, etc. So what would be the advantage of using products to look like you’re not using?

Despite the apparent contradiction, this is a trend of beauty that has conquered adherents throughout the world. With increasingly light and versatile beauty products, this type of makeup disguises rather the spots and dark circles, but to make the appearance as natural as possible, with the face of “I woke up like this”.

How to do a natural makeup?

This style disappears in the face, but it makes all the difference. To achieve a transparent effect, but without letting the imperfections appear, it is very important to prepare the skin: passing an ice stone on the face to close the pores and apply a primer are fundamental actions.

Then the very light bases, almost imperceptible blush, transparent mascara (just to comb the eyelashes) and, most importantly, nude lipstick (which can be applied on the back of the hand and then, with the fingers, tapped on the mouth). One tip: The  way you use the base makes all the difference  to make that look smooth.

Feel free!

The intent here is to leave the face looking healthy, flushed, showy eyes and soft skin. But of course you play around a little, passing a very thin line of eyeliner on the upper eyelids or an extra layer of mascara. With so many product options on the market, you can learn a makeup for every moment .