There are several airports in the Seychelles, but only Pointe Larue, located near Victoria on the island of Mahe, accepts international flights. From Moscow it is the cheapest (but not the fact that it is more convenient) to get with two transfers. Etihad Airways and Air Serbia are delivered to the Seychelles (departure from Sheremetyevo, connections in Belgrade and Abu Dhabi, tickets – from 460 USD one way, travel time – 25.5 hours), Aeroflot and Turkish airlines” (from Vnukovo via St. Petersburg and Istanbul, from 600 USD and 25.5 hours) and other carriers. Qatar Airways has one-stop flights (departure from Domodedovo, tickets – from 660 USDone way, duration – from 19.5 hours via Doha), Turkish Airlines (from 640 USD, from 13.5 hours via Istanbul) and Etihad Airways (from 480 USD, from 24 hours via Abu Dhabi).

Note: according to allcitypopulation, the population of Seychelles is 99,202 (2021).

Emirates has the fastest connecting flights from the Russian capital: 12 hours 50 minutes with a transfer in Dubai for 623 USD one way.

It is cheaper to fly from St. Petersburg with one connection: Turkish Airlines has routes through Istanbul for 460 USD one way (18 hours 40 minutes). The champions in speed are Emirates again: a flight from Pulkovo to Mahe takes from 12 hours and 45 minutes with a transfer in Dubai and costs from 560 USD one way. With two connections, they deliver Es Seven and Qatar Airways (from 27 hours via Moscow and Doha, from 685 USD in one direction), Russia and Turkish Airlines (from 17.5 hours via Moscow and Istanbul, from 725 USD) and other airlines.

Transport Seychelles

Seychelles is an island nation, located on 115 islands of the archipelago, 33 of which are inhabited. The most convenient way to travel between them is with Air Seychelles flights. For example, a flight from Mahe to Praslin takes 20 minutes and costs from 710 SCR one way. The ZilAir company (off. site in English) offers helicopter tours, sightseeing flights and an individual VIP transfer between the islands, other carriers have similar services. You can get from Pointe Larue Airport to Praslin and La Digue under the roar of a propeller for 1600-2800 SCR, admire the surroundings from a height – for 7500-38 000 SCR.

In addition, communication between the islands, even the most remote ones, is provided by numerous ferries and schooners. Tickets are sold on board and cost around SCR 90 one way.

Oddly enough, the bus network in the Seychelles is also quite well developed. Regular passenger service has been established on Mahe and Praslin: the transport of the SPTC carrier (off. site in English) runs from 5:30 to 20:30 (on Praslin – until 18:20) with an interval of 15 minutes to 1 hour. A ticket for the whole day costs 7 SCR, for the last evening route – 15 SCR. There are minibuses between the airport and Victoria, the transfer cost is 3-5 SCR.

You can get around La Digue in an eco-friendly way (by bicycle) or in an exotic way (by bullock cart).

There are even taxis on Praslin and Mahe: comfortable cars equipped with meters. The first km of the trip costs 15-20 SCR, each subsequent – 5 SCR (luggage is paid extra: 5 SCR per suitcase). Transfers from the airport to Victoria charge 100 SCR during the day and 150 SCR at night.

Car and bike rental

To rent a car, you will need an international or national driving license. The driver must be at least 22 years old and have at least three years of driving experience.

Before renting a car, you need to think carefully. Traffic on the islands is left-handed, and there are many mountain roads, the quality of which leaves much to be desired: travelers who do not have serious experience in such difficult driving will take a lot of risks while driving a car. I want to travel on my own, but driving skills are not enough – it is better to bargain with a taxi driver and organize a study tour around the island – it will not cost too much.

If you are already taking a car in the Seychelles, then let it be some kind of jeep: it is best suited for local roads. The maximum speed in the city is 45 km / h, outside the settlements – 65 km / h, and only on the highway leading to the airport is it allowed to accelerate to insane 80 km / h.

On the last Saturday of every month, people from all over Mahe flock to Victoria to squander their newly received wages. Therefore, the pandemonium these days is simply amazing (by local standards, of course) – both on the sidewalks and on the roads. And finding parking in the city center these days is almost impossible.

There are only 6 gas stations on the entire island of Mahe. And on Praslin there are fewer of them – two.

In addition, there are many bicycle rental offices on the islands – perhaps the most convenient means of transport in island conditions. True, the two-wheeled friends themselves are often simply not enough for everyone.

Visa and customs

Citizens of Russia arriving for a period not exceeding 30 days do not need a visa to the Seychelles. But despite the general “chocolate” and the safety of the destination, medical insurance will not hurt. Read all the details about PCR testing, an antigen test or obtaining a vaccination certificate to enter the country on this page.

The import and export of foreign and local currencies is not limited, the allowable limit for the transport of local is 2000 SCR. 200 cigarettes or 250 g of tobacco are allowed duty-free; 2 liters of alcohol with a strength of more than 16% and 2 liters of less strong drinks; 200 ml perfume. The importation of other goods is limited to 3,000 SCR per person. When transporting musical instruments, sports equipment and portable electrical appliances, you will have to pay a special deposit (on the way back, the money will be returned – unless, of course, the listed items leave the country with the traveler).

Pets are quarantined (14-180 days) and are allowed in the Seychelles only if they have an international veterinary certificate issued no earlier than a month before arrival. It is forbidden to import weapons (including pneumatic and for spearfishing), vegetables, fruits, plants, birds, tea, non-canned meat and meat products, as well as medicines and drugs. It is prohibited to export shells, corals, tortoiseshell products and coco de mer nuts without special permission.

There is no Tax free system in the Seychelles.

Transport Seychelles

How to Get to the Seychelles
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