How to Use the Cropped Blazer Male

The used to use the costume social are tired of knowing that the jacket or blazer has a length sufficient to cover the “rear” of the one who wears it, and until a short time ago this was an immutable rule. However, after that designers of the calibre of Hugo Boss, for example, decided to shorten the piece, giving it a more modern, a lot of people are adhering to the style.

How to Use the Cropped Blazer Male


As well as the blazer or suit jacket traditional, the cropped go well with almost everything, but with a small caveat: its length asks that the parts that are underneath such as knitwear, shirts and t-shirts, are not for too long, or to be used on the inside of the pants, after all, you don’t want them appearing.

The length must also be observed, because some of them are only a few inches shorter, others have a considerable difference, so remember: the shorter, the more careful you should be with the rest of the look.

Advantages and disadvantages of the blazer cropped

Those who have thin legs is favored with this type of jacket, because the fact of finishing before the end of the hip avoids that effect the “leg saracura” with the legs into very thin sticking out from under the coat. In fact, skinny love this kind of clothes, but who is very overweight may end up giving prominence unwanted for the body parts that should stay in the background, if you understand me…

Cropped blazer on the costume social male

As already said, several designer brands in men’s fashion have already invested some years ago in suits with this type of piece, usually cut more fair and current, but still it is not common to find them in any store and the one that resolve to invest in this type of custom will have to search a little before.

How to use in the winter

The style stripped and young blazer cropped makes it ideal to be used with knitwear, sweatshirts, vests and shirts plaid style woodcutter, and the overlap of these parts also works very well, as it happens with the model longer. If you already get along well with this type of combination, you will get that letter!

How to use cropped blazer in summer

Nor is it the need to talk to opt for a fabric as well cool as well as the fleece cold and the linen, the latter ideal for days as well as hot, getting great even with a basic t shirt or a shirt very light and fresh, in these cases, risk a little bit of color in shoes and accessories such as a canvas belt, or a handkerchief in the pocket, for example.

Show your style

With a piece so desolate you’re free to combine it with other clothes that are your face such as t-shirts with logos of rock bands, themes geeks or prints with designs that are stylish. From the waist down also anything goes, from jeans to tailoring, the classic shoe to the sneaker moderninho, the important thing is not to be limited to a common place.

In short

  • Increasingly the cropped blazer gains more force in men’s fashion;
  • The pieces that go underneath may not be longer than the suit jacket, if they are, use the inside of the pants;
  • Skinny look great with this piece, avoiding the effect of “perna de saracura”;
  • Who is very overweight has to take care that it does not highlight the belly and the “derrière”;
  • Not be so traditional this type of blazer is not found in any store;
  • Even shorter it goes very well at the time of superimposing the various parts of the winter.
  • In the summer the flax or wool of the cold materials are ideal;
  • Use creativity and create your look, the piece is versatile and allows for numerous combinations.