It Continues The Fall Free Fashion. Decarnin Leaves Balmain

Sometimes, there is no news is already in itself good news. Some time ago we announced that Christophe Decarnin had not appeared in the final bow of its parade of Balmain autumn/winter 2011 / 2012. Rumors pointed to he was interned since January in a psychiatric Center.  In the absence of news, hope seemed to be the same, but the Chronicle of a somewhat announced fall has been confirmed today.

What happened, in what was possibly one of times of greater turmoil in the fashion, made us delve a while ago on the question what is going on in fashion? McQueen, Galliano And now Decarnin.

Has he led the crisis to crisis, fall and disappearance of the largest? unbearable pressures? the impossible combination of creativity and sales? too many collections for a single creative mind?….

The House in Paris announced the fact, but not the motives, although in Jezebel we saw them coming a few months ago.

Just here as a brilliant path littered with paillettes and trimmings, a road begun in 2005 with great success and a fall that led the firm to be the Queen of the Napoleonic trend, dirty punk chic, excess personified in shoulder and the “voguette” spirit…

In Jezebel | Fashion is suffering from what suffers? Last low, Decarnin of Balmain.