Jessica Alba, Edited by Mario Testino

While it is common knowledge that the Photoshop has become the corollary of any photo session, it is always tasty to pin photographers blatant cheating offense. Especially since this technique seems to have reached the limits of common sense, as evidenced by the pictures of Jessica Alba Campari Calendar for the new…

The myth that “a photograph never lies” had to worry about. Since computers can modify easily the film (or rather the digital file), and to erase any default, some more pictures tend toward the artistic representation of an idealistic concept to reality.

The problem is that we tend to deceive us about the goods. Indeed, either we are clearly facing a picture that is only the starting point of the imagination (as is the case of the latest winner of the International Photography Awards, Levi van Veluw , using his portraits as Simple support its metamorphoses) or we are in traditional photography, which attempts to account for reality.

The question is not whether we can – or not – intermingle genres, fashion magazines showing us often enough how much it is interesting to play with technique and deceive the reader. Everyone knows also that this is a story where the actual standards no longer apply. Where the rub is when erect models of beauty boasting us their ultimate perfection, while the latter is based on only a hoax.

The problem with this digital retouching silhouettes (to stick as closely to a particular aesthetic criterion) is that it takes an entire segment of the population to assimilate this kind of morphologies in the epitome of beauty, which does ultimately exists only in the fantasies of photographers. At best, it still feel guilty just over the fairer sex; at worst, it will lead some adolescents in through that are now clearly known…

Moreover, in the case of Jessica Alba (whose size has been dug, the refined hips and slender legs), we realize that the unretouched photograph shot by Testino is ultimately more flattering than the Campari calendar. Therefore, one wonders about the consistency of such practice: has it become so mechanical that Photoshop airbrush come into play as soon as it exceeds the 34 girl? If so, this is a shame, because reality is still sometimes more attractive than the default 0 if politically correct…



Rihanna Dsquared

Rihanna Dsquared