John Galliano Convicted of Plagiarism

It seems that the designer John Galliano a one-eyed man looked at him. If a few days ago, the British suffered the loss of Steven Robinson, his confidence man and principal collaborator for 20 years, died in Paris at the age of 38, yesterday afternoon Le Monde made echo of information that revealed that Galliano He was sentenced in the capital of the Seine to pay 200,000 euros by having plagiarized works of the artist William Klein in an advertising campaign depicting its brand.

The Tribunal’s maximum instance de Paris He said on March 28 that Galliano campaign, disseminated in journals of France, Russia, Italy and United Kingdom, It reproduced a “characteristic” Klein’s composition and, therefore, “harming copyright” of this. Why imposed you the designer had to pay an indemnity of 150,000 euros in economic damages and other 50,000 for moral damage. Logical and normal. I’m surprised much that a designer of the height of Galliano do these things. It could have been inspired by the works of Klein, but referring to it previously. If it’s that or the most creative refrain from the temptation of plagiarism.

The campaign of the brand’s designer, responsible also for the collections from Dior, imitated works of Klein, to paint reproductions of photographic reels with forms and colors characteristic. These paintings are, according to the Court, “a constant in the work of William Klein and bear the mark of his personality”, “although limited in time” campaign “reached a large audience in France and abroad”.

Advocates of the designer admits that there was an imitation of the work of Klein in the campaign, but considered that the amount of compensation is exaggerated given the short time that the ads were published. And here is not all, because it seems that Klein has gone so bad this plagiarism going to seek greater compensation for the publication of the campaign in other journals.

The artist recalled that Dior does not hesitate to sue to protect his creations when they are threatened by piracy. Designer of Dior for a decade, Galliano It launched its own brand under his own name in 2003.