Julian Boots

You are tired of knowing that I freak on people that challenge the circuit of fashion and give you right by doing everything contrary to this market accelerated. Are hidden people, happy in doing what we love to do as well, without making much hoopla. Has a moving craft very amazing happening in Los Angeles, with local products made from way old school with materials and techniques that form the ingredients of certain of the authenticity. One of these people called Julian Imrie, known by their joy and by the boots magnificent that it does in Los Angeles.Like I said on Instagram, Julian has a life story worthy of those commercial Most Interesting Man in the World.

Julian Boots

He was born in England and moved to the French colonies in the Caribbean to seven years. He returned to London after spending a year in a boat, and there he studied until moving with his family to Long Island. The father worked as a fashion photographer in the United States, and Julian followed the same steps, dropping the college as an assistant to photographer Bruce Weber. Since then he worked on a ranch in Montauk, live in an Amish community in Pennsylvania, spent time in france learning to enjoy leather and made a trip from Los Angeles to Brazil… bike.Met the north-east, arrived to Minas Gerais, rode the historic cities, and followed the direction of the South. It was there that he decided to live a simple life, causing minimum damage to the environment while making boots.

The culture of waste will making everything disposable, including boots. A good boot costs more than a similar poorly made, but if we do the accounts ends up leaving more in the account, because if it is good of truth will have a useful life much longer, in addition to style and elegance timeless. The quality saves, and the economic conditions and the environment are forcing us to stop ignoring what we consume. Seek quality over quantity is the key to a more sustainable life.The boots of the Julian Boots are an extreme example, because they are a category in addition to the necessary qualitative, entering the realm of the sentimental value and immeasurable.

Because I think it’s cool that silent movement? Look closely at the magazines and publications geared toward men’s fashion. They can barely disguise that they are a great billboard for products supposedly sophisticated and very expensive, driven by trends (be they mainstream or alternative), designers are swimming in money and the artists sponsored. These publications do not make reference to people like Julian because they, generally, do not make propaganda.The effort is concentrated on making a great product that speaks for itself, with materials, details, finish, and construction that can’t be compromised by the pressure of the demand. And so the work remains anonymous, and oblivious to the arrasos of fashion.

What is more special in the boots of Julian, in my opinion, are the shapes (lasts). Okay that the stuff is incredible, the leather horween, leather shell cordovan, and always fur neat and clean. The construction is palmilhada, the basic pattern for a boot really above average. The finish is also first rate, with many points per cm and seams perfect. This is the minimum to be expected from a product of this level, although many boots and shoes of this price to take some shortcuts. The difference of boots it is in the forms, which I think is well balanced and wonderful.

The operation is as well small, and do little, it is much more difficult, expensive and time consuming to do a lot. In the small production you work without the luxury of doing thousands of prototypes until you find out how to finish consistently and efficiently. Make a sample it is hard work and you do not have a team to delegate to. The small producer needs to be precise and thorough in every step of the process, and all involved need to work without having margin of error, because the costs of development to put a product into production are generally the largest part of the expenses.The machine goes where it is needed for improvement, and not where she has more time. What is better in the hand, is hand-made. The benefits we feel in comfort and with time. In an operation the greater the employee makes only one of these operations every day. It performs a step 300 times a day, always passing the product on to the next line. The focus is on speed, continuity and efficiency.

The quantity is a number, and when this is the focus of a brand she has consumers that are coming and going inside, floating as the wave of the moment. The quality is everything in a boot Julian Boots. The expectation is to assist the customer with the best and the best experience of use. Watching Julian and his team talking I saw joy, I saw meetings with customers, fans and friends around the world, people who respect what he is trying to do and that you enjoy the fight against the seemingly impossible.A lot of people still prefer to consider stylish and good that appears in the ads and makes noise, paying a high price and entering into the cycle of the seasons. Quiet are the Julians of the world, some more teachers, and others more simple, and every consumer looking for you can decide what is really valuable.