Kate Moss Is The New Collaboration with Mango for Next Autumn/Winter 2011 / 2012

Kate Moss will be the new collaboration of Mango. After a contract that seemed to be for life with the signature TopShop British says goodbye to firm to fall into the hands of the Spanish brand each season still looking for how to improve their image abroad.

The images of these days of Kate Moss in a set of filming in Paris directed by Terry Richardson, photographer who has worked for Mango, were the trigger end so that the free release, and rumors began to circulate among the general public.

Handle communication Department have confirmed to us that the union between Kate Moss and handle will be to the season autumn/winter 2011 / 2012 and that it will not be the new image of the brand in their next campaign, so it will not replace Scarlett Johansson, who Yes has ended its contract with Mango after two years.

The union of the British it girl and Mango will be a collaboration. The rest of information is still sealed and from handle does not want to confirm details waiting to pass the time.

Congratulations to handle for this great signing. Its expansion and international positioning will be largely benefited after joining with Kate Moss. Now you just need to know who will be the new brand image for the upcoming season. Betting?

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